Info - DPVR and LetinVR reach a strategic cooperation to promote VR live streaming 

DPVR and LetinVR reach a strategic cooperation to promote VR live streaming . Users can wear DPVR headsets and experience live concerts, talk shows, reality shows, and other events through the GoNow app.

GoNow is about to land on DPVR Assistant


Virtual reality technology is bound to bring earth-shaking changes to the world, not only in the way content is presented, but also in many industries. With the development of 5G and the advancement of video technology to 8K ultra-high definition, VR live streaming will also cover more industries such as entertainment, cultural tourism, education, and marketing, exploring more possibilities for the “metaverse” life.

Based on the rapid development and unlimited potential of the 5G + VR live steaming, DPVR, a company specializing in design and manufacturing vr headset, has reached a strategic cooperation with LetinVR, one of Chinese leading VR live steaming platforms.

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The two sides will collaborate in the field of 5G + VR live streaming to promote the development of the VR live streaming industry through consistent innovation and explore more possibilities for VR live streaming in the consumer market growth.

The 5G VR HD entertainment application “GoNow” developed by Lanting Digital will be pre-installed into the DPVR Assistant. Both parties will achieve a win-win situation through continuous product iteration to upgrade the product experience and expand the content ecology.


DPVR has been focusing on VR products and technology for seven years. It owns self-developed software SDK, interaction technology and various hardware products. Those products include the DPOS software system, content distribution platform DPVR Assistant, all-in-one VR headsets, and PCVR headsets.DPVR will soon launch its new product in June 2022 – a 6DoF gaming VR headset. The product will focus on the consumer market and have a more significant breakthrough than its predecessor in terms of product appearance, visual experience, and tracking technology. The new product is also applied to the LetinVR’s 5G + VR live streaming solution, bringing users a more captivating viewing experience.

Under the strategic partnership between DPVR and LetinVR, users can wear DPVR headsets and experience live concerts, talk shows, reality shows, and other events  through the GoNow app. The 5G + VR live streaming technology allows users worldwide to immerse themselves in the scene and watch and enjoy exciting live performances in person.

DPVR and LetinVR will collaborate further to jointly develop more application scenarios and interactive experiences for 5G + VR live streaming, promote the integration of industrial resources.

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