Info - DPVR expands distribution into Russia with TFN Trading & Vizzion

DPVR is expanding its product availability in Russia with new partnerships with TFN Trading & Vizzion

DPVR virtual reality headsets available in Russia


“We have been impressed so far with the partnerships created with both TFN Trading and Vizzion and we share the common goal of growing our presence in the Russian market. With our wired and wireless range of VR headsets combined with the ability to customize the specifications it means we can help any client choose a VR solution that is perfectly suited to their application.

Both partners will be critical to broaden our reach into the training, education, and medical sectors that embark on using VR. We see Russia as one of our most important markets for DPVR and we will be investing to establish a local sales network and after-sales support options.”

"The P1 wireless standalone VR headset can be used to teach lessons, such as geography, history, biology and other subjects. They are immersive. This allows students to understand topics that are hard to be expressed by just words or pictures in a text book.

What we are looking forward to the most is working with a partner like DPVR who are able to customize the specification & software of their headsets to suit different applications. It means we can deliver bespoke solutions in Russia for our partners as VR technology & uses evolve."

"One of the main advantages of working with the DPVR is the possibility of deep customization - from simple things like placing a logo on the faceplate of the VR headsets to more complex requirements like software interface customization or even hardware specs like adding eye tracking or heart monitoring.

Together with their ability to customize packaging artwork it means we now have a VR hardware partner than can provide bespoke virtual reality headset hardware solutions to suit many different types of integrations."


Russian distributor & system integrators for DPVR VR

DPVR continues its global expansion with two new strategic partnerships confirmed in Russia to grow sales of virtual reality headsets led by the recently released P1 PRO customizable wireless headset.


TFN Trading is a wholesale distributor of technology products in Russie with partnerships with more than seventy different companies.


Vizzion is a specialist system integrator with a focus on XR solutions distributing a wide range of VR, AR, MR 360 and 3D technologies in Russia. 


Using their many years of experience, both TFN Trading and Vizzion will be working closely with DPVR to provide local support for the brand’s range of virtual reality headset hardware & customization capabilities in Russia.


Based on information from IDC reports DPVR was one of the top 3 VR headset manufacturers in 2021. That has been achieved with its range of cost effective VR headsets that are used in innovative educational school programs, business skills training and many other projects. 


With their ability to run a variety of 360 videos or content they are versatile and can be used for small groups or even large events. They are also supported by software that allows sharing options to distribute content to groups with software that can also help manage & deploy hundreds of VR headsets at a time.

Global manufacturer of virtual reality headsets

DPVR are a leading designer and global manufacturer of virtual reality headsets that are used in education, training, simulations and for entertainment. Our headsets are used around the world for commercial and personal use.

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