Info - DPVR partners with SND to create a childrens VR headset bundle

DPVR partnered with SND to create a children focussed VR headset bundle with great content suited for kids under 15 years of age.

SND creates a virtual reality package for children to learn and play


DPVR has partnered with international children book publishing company SND who preinstalled their software launcher onto the P1 Pro 4K virtual reality headset.

SND Corporation is a Korean publishing company that has been designing, producing, and publishing books and new technology for children. They have been doing this for more than 20 years to help improve the amount of literature and content available for children.

It's great working with such proactive brands that like to try new ideas and keep thinking about the best way to help people with new technology.

SND are book publishers but have used their common sense to work out new ways to reach and help children in very interactive, fun ways using virtual reality.

Virtual reality education for children


In 2017 SND moved to offer more digital content and delivering published content across different online channels. Their use of the latest digital technologies also lead them to choose to partner with DPVR to pre-install their software launcher with the P1 Pro 40 virtual reality headset to make a range of software and content easily available for children.

DPVR creating customised OEM parterships for global brands.

DPVR worked closely with SND to integrate their software interface, the packaging and even the branding on the front of the P1 headset faceplate.

This level of customisation is possible for any global brand who are thinking about creating VR headset solutions for their business.

Our technical team can help with software integration and our manufacturing team can assist with the logistics associated with packaging, branding and distribution.

This is why our headsets are used in so many different applications like simulators, training facilities and more.


Global manufacturer of virtual reality headsets

DPVR are a leading designer and global manufacturer of virtual reality headsets that are used in education, training, simulations and for entertainment. Our headsets are used around the world for commercial and personal use.

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