Info - DPVR virtual reality headsets used for Japanese idols

DPVR virtual reality wireless headsets are now being used in Japan to enjoy interactive experiences with famous idols.

Virtual reality for Japanese idols

"We have been cooperating with DPVR for many years. Whenever we have a new project, DPVR can always provide us with as much help as possible and more options that can meet our needs. This is very important for us."


Idol culture in Japan has always been growing rapidly in recent years. One of the most popular is  AKB48 where fans watch their idols grow up from being ordinary people who are not very good at singing and dancing who evolve into amazing artists. Fans get inspiration and encouragement by following their idols’ positive attitude towards life in general and their career growth. There are handshake events which are a unique activity in Japanese idol culture which enables fans to get a closer look at their idol & learn about their true character. AKB48 has been successful in doing this in Japan.



Unfortunately though, the pandemic has prevented these events from taking place. So L.A.B, a Japanese VR solutions provider, created a new way for fans to use VR headsets to ‘meet’ an idol. In December 2021, L.A.B hosted several live virtual reality broadcasts which were meet and greet activities in Yamada Denki. One of these VR events included Nankini, a newly founded idol group.



After the live broadcast was completed, L.A.B sold the DPVR 4D virtual reality wireless headsets to fans through a booth set up on the site. Immediately fans realised they could have close contact with their idols without leaving home. Using virtual reality creates many new ways that idols can interact with their fans from around the world, not just in Japan. 



On the main page of 4DCH (the official website of L.A.B’s live channel), fans can view the VR live broadcast events in the following month. In addition to live-stream content, L.A.B also purchased the copyrights of the idols’ content so they could convert the 2D videos into 360° virtual reality videos for fans to interact with using their VR headset.



The DPVR 4D is a VR headset with an XR1 processor, 3+32G storage, 4K viewing screen & it was customised to suit L.A.B’s requirements that made it easier for new users to view the content quickly. DPVR’s team can customise virtual reality hardware, software, packaging and even the user interface to suit different applications. That is something we do for corporate, enterprise or business use. Learn more here


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What is Japanese idol culture?

Japanese idols represent the idea and virtues that working hard towards a dream and being successful is possible for anyone. It is mixed into pop culture using music and entertainment to attract fans and keep them engaged. Idols generally begin at young ages as aspiring entertainers. They interview and audition for various talent agencies that are in the business of promoting and training idols.

Typically an idol is a type of entertainer marketed for their image, attractiveness, and personality in Japanese pop culture. There are more than 10,000 teenage girls in Japan that are idols, with over 3,000 groups active. Japan’s idol industry has been used as a model for other pop idol industries, such as K-pop.

Korean pop and idol culture may seem like a recent emergence but it’s nothing new. The genre started with The Kim Sisters in the 1950s. The Kim Sisters were a Korea born pop music trio who spoke no English but achieved fame in the U.S. by performing soulful renditions of American pop songs completely phonetically.
These days their content is available via streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other content sharing platforms. The use of virtual reality is relatively new for idols but opens up new ways to connect with fans, create paid content opportunities and more.

How can idols use virtual reality for their fans?

An idol in any country can use virtual reality to connect and engage with their fans. Content can be created which can let a fan explore an idol’s home, studio or even a live performance. If the idol is part of a group they can broadcast together from a room and share stories, behind the scenes information or exclusive updates about their lives and stream this in VR.


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