Info - DPVR VR Headsets used at the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival

DPVR let people use the P1 VR headset at the Golden Koala Film Festival to let people experience movies in a new way.

Virtual reality headsets can create immersive movie experiences


DPVR took our P1 virtual reality headset for people to try at the The Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival. The P1 is a wireless VR headset that can be used on a sofa, in the bedroom, on an airplane or even on the train when you go to work. It is an all in one VR headset that is great for all types of entertainment.

The Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival is the biggest and most influential overseas Chinese film event that is organized by Chinese Film Incorporated (CFFI). We partnered with them to let people try a P1 headset and experience what movies are like when using a vr headset. 

The City of Sydney runs the event and participants are invited from all corners of Chinese speaking regions including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Macau, to exhibit and compete with their newest and most outstanding film productions.

We love supporting other Chinese companies at events where we can let people try our VR headsets in ways they never thought were really possible.

People thing virtual reality headsets are for gaming, but at the film festival many people were surprised at how good they were for watching movies.

Global manufacturer of virtual reality headsets

DPVR are a leading designer and global manufacturer of virtual reality headsets that are used in education, training, simulations and for entertainment. Our headsets are used around the world for commercial and personal use.

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