Info - Edged VR Uses DPVR headsets For Brigidine College in Australia

EdgedVR is the first to use DPVR headsets in Australia, introducing Virtual Reality software present4D VR-Suite, to schools like Brigidine College.

Students use VR to learn about animals and wildlife


The amazing team at Edged VR in Australia took our P1 wireless virtual reality headset to Brigidine College in St Ives Sydney to give students the opportunity to try the Wild At Home VR software. This unique experience lets students view incredible virtual reality footage that has been taken of animals in the wild.

This is the perfect application of virtual reality technology in a school environment. The students can experience an environment in their own personal way and using a VR headset elevates their learning experience with the amazing content from Wild Immersion.

What is Wild Immersion?

Wild Immersion is the world’s first virtual reserve and they harness technology to create 360° immersive experiences that shows the wildlife in their natural habitat. They have an ethical approach to creating educational content to raise public awareness of nature conservation issues.

They have a library of more than 140 animal species that has been captured from more than 40 countries. Students can view these using virtual reality headsets to give them an incredible learning experience. It is just another example of our VR technology can be used for school education around the world.

Their productions feature the most fascinating species filmed in 360° in an environment. A student becomes fully immersed in an intimate encounter with wildlife thanks to virtual reality headsets made available in dedicated locations.


How does Edged VR help schools?

Edged VR is an Australian company that speciliases in the use of virtual reality technology for schools or businesses. They have a focus on helping people move from an undiscovered technology and turning into a highly used skillset that is relevant to many different worldwide applications. 

They have a passion for giving students an experiential opportunity to engage with virtual reality and become a part of creating and exploring what this limitless technology has to offer. They create educational VR experiences through fully immersive headsets where they provide an all in one service that includes the VR equipment, hardware, software and course material for students to use and experience.

Global manufacturer of virtual reality headsets

DPVR are a leading designer and global manufacturer of virtual reality headsets that are used in education, training, simulations and for entertainment. Our headsets are used around the world for commercial and personal use.

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