Info - Travel Africa Network uses DPVR wireless virtual reality headsets

Travel Africa Network have chosen DPVR as their virtual reality hardware partner to showcase their new VR content

Virtual reality used to market travel destinations and experiences

DPVR continues to provide flexible VR headset solutions that can be customised to suit different applications. It has been so exciting to see our engineering team help Travel Africa Network bring their idea to life.

They are going to use virtual reality to help travellers to plan their next trip. Instead of brochures or YouTube videos they can have an immersive virtual reality experience in incredible 4K resolution with our headset.


DPVR and Travel Africa Network  have been working very closely to bring to life the idea of using virtual reality to help travellers plan their next adventure in Africa. Travel Africa is a 24hr TV channel that takes people on exciting journey’s through the African continent to uncover the must-see destinations, safaris, foodie spots & even the locals. 



They will use DPVR’s most powerful (and customisable) wireless virtual reality headset the P1 Ultra 4K 



It was an easy choice to make with the built in processing power and incredible 4K screen technology able to deliver crisp imagery from Africa. The aim is to use virtual reality to aid the marketing of African travel destinations and experiences regionally or internationally. It will give travellers a completely new way of planning their next trip by being able to immerse themselves, there is no better way to get someone excited about a travel destination. 



DPVR has made all of this possible by leveraging our extensive experience in virtual reality hardware and software integration with a branded device & interface. Travel Africa Network became the first African travel channel to broadcast dedicated travel content to 135 million homes and luxury hotels in Europe, Middle East and North Africa on EUTELSAT’s HOTBIRD 13° East which forms one of the largest satellite broadcasting footprints in EMEA.


Travel Africa Network’s tech division incorporates various technologies such as Virtual-Reality and Augmented Reality to provide unique interactive experiences that promote consumer engagement regionally and internationally. Travel Africa will hold showcases for travel agencies to show them just how easy it will be to use virtual reality to generate more travel bookings. 

“We are very excited about our partnership with DPVR to leverage the power of virtual reality technology, helping brands be more effective in engaging with consumers by combining storytelling with technology.

Our regional and international TribeVR roadshow campaigns are geared towards recovery by instilling confidence, promoting positivity, and reviving the spirit of discovery and what better way to do that than by enabling tourism destinations and brands to convey to the consumer, the intensity and emotion of travelling in Africa before their journey has even started.

The complete feeling of immersion that virtual reality provides means that we can use it as a powerful innovative marketing tool for promoting destination Africa”


TAN has also launched Travel Africa Tribe, a private B2B community and collaboration platform that brings together all the creative and productive forces at work in tourism and hospitality, forging a base for meaningful interactions and communication across an ever-growing ecosystem that serves to promote African tourism globally. “The Tribe” uses its digital structure and VR technology platform (TribeVR) to provide integrated information, experiences, and connection services virtually. TribeVR App and VR headsets are custom designed exclusively for tourism products and events providing high resolution, interactive and immersive images or videos which enable both travel agents and consumers to experience African travel destinations, hotels, safaris, and tours.


In addition, in 2022 TAN will host the world’s largest consumer VR Travel Show that will start in Cape Town and will travel to major cities regionally and internationally showcasing Africa’s beautiful destinations and experiences to the world.

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