DPVR Unveils New Hand-Tracking Supported Headset E4 Arc in Collaboration with Ultraleap

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DPVR, a pioneering VR hardware and software solution provider, announces the launch of its new hand tracking supported headset, E4 Arc. A variant of its best-selling 6 DoF PCVR E4, this new headset is integrated with Ultraleap’s Leap Motion Controller 2 hand tracking camera, allowing operation and interaction within a VR environment naturally and without separate controllers. This model is specially crafted for arcade game manufacturers, corporate training and 3D designers. Now available for preorder and shipping in late May.

Exclusive Features, Advantages, and Benefits:

  • Integration of the compact, low-power consumable Leap Motion Controller 2 camera with the most robust and advanced hand tracking algorithms, enabling a tracking range depth between 10 cm and 110 cm and a maximum field of view of 160° x 160°. This ensures the capture of hand gestures from wide angles for ultimate interactivity.
  • The only model at consumer level price point available in the market that utilizes a built-in structure for enhanced durability and stability, making it ideal for unattended attraction spots.
  • Equipped with turbo cooling system featuring an upgraded fan model, improved vapor chamber and optimized fan operating logic. This system ensures better air outflow and internal heat control, guaranteeing stable performance for high-traffic usage. Additionally, it includes easily replaceable cables for effortless maintenance.

With deep involvement in Raw Thrills’ Godzilla™ Kaiju Wars and LAI Games’ simulators, being the only VR headset vendor for game developer International Games System, as well as for manufacturers including Wahlap Tech, UNIS Technology, and VR 360 Action, DPVR provides a high premium on arcade-related projects, continually polishing hardware durability to enable the most challenging commercial requirements.

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While initially designed for arcade needs, E4 Arc is also suitable for demanding enterprise use cases, enabling collaborative spatial design, prototyping, and immersive visualization and review of CAD designs. Additionally, with the natural interactions that Ultraleap hand tracking delivers it facilitates high-stakes safety training, industrial skill development, surgical education and aviation training, offering realistic, hands-on experiences without the need for physical materials or equipment.

The R&D team is conducting compatibility tests to ensure a smooth gaming experience for hand-tracking supported titles in the SteamVR library, including VRChat, Half-Life: Alyx, and more. Empowering designers, engineers, educators, gamers, VR enthusiasts, and anyone requiring seamless and precise interaction is also a top priority for the company.

DPVR stands ready to provide support whenever and wherever headset customization is required. Aligning with Ultraleap's visionary pursuit to breaking down the barriers between physical and digital worlds, we anticipate bringing E4 Arc and its intuitive, touchless gesture control to arcade simulator manufacturers as our first step. Through this strategic partnership, we envision endless possibilities for our upcoming next-gen headset."

Ultraleap is proud to collaborate with DPVR in introducing the brilliant new E4 Arc headset to the market. With our world leading hand tracking technology seamlessly integrated into DPVR's innovative hardware, users can now experience immersive virtual interactions like never before. We're excited to empower users across industries with natural and intuitive interactions and can't wait to see what new and engaging experiences they will create."

About Ultraleap

Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking and mid-air haptic technologies have been developed over 10 years using machine learning and computer vision to allow you to naturally engage with the digital world using only your hands. No controllers. No touchscreens. No keypads. From enhancing 2D screens to developing fully immersive 3D experiences, Ultraleap powers natural, safe and effortless digital interaction in the increasingly connected world.


DPVR to innowacyjna firma technologiczna z siedzibą w Szanghaju, specjalizująca się w projektowaniu i produkcji urządzeń VR. Dzięki zróżnicowanej ofercie zestawów słuchawkowych do rzeczywistości wirtualnej na uwięzi i bezprzewodowo, DPVR obsługuje wiele branż, odblokowując rewolucyjne rozwiązania w obszarach edukacji, szkoleń, symulacji i rozrywki. DPVR zapewnia w pełni konfigurowalne rozwiązania VR dostosowane do wymagań dynamicznych technologii immersyjnych przedsiębiorstw i konsumentów.

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