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About DPVR

Learn more about how DPVR has become one of the world leading wired and wireless VR headset manufacturers.

DPVR P1 Pro Virtual Reality Headset exploded view to see the internals

DPVR cutting edge VR device
design and manufacturing

DPVR is a world leading artificial intelligence virtual reality technology shop.

DPVR specialises in VR device design and manufacturing working with world leading technology partners.

DPVR virtual reality headsets are used by consumers and commercial businesses around the world in over 100 countries.

Our products are used in a wide range of applications including education, training, simulation and entertainment.

Wired & wireless virtual reality headsets

Our VR headsets are used for lots of different applications around the world from in-home personal use to watch movies or VR driving games through to being used for education and training by large corporate companies to up skill their staff.

Our headsets are even used in shopping centre virtual reality rides which give shoppers a unique experience & help store owners maximise sales opportunities.

Our technology design team has spent many years refining our products to create a range of virtual reality headsets that include:

  • All-in-one (AIO) VR headsets
  • VR Headsets for PC tethering HMD scenarios
  • VR pan-entertainment content platform 3DBoBo
DPVR Virtual Reality Headset Manufacturer Production Person Assembling
DPVR Virtual Reality Headset Manufacturer Production Quality Control

DPVR was recognised for having one of the best wireless VR headset designs in the world, winning an IF World Design Award in 2019. DPVR designed a virtual reality headset that incorporated unique head dissipation features as well as integrated surround sound to create an amazing wireless virtual reality experience.

DPVR P1 Pro Virtual Reality Headset exploded view to see the internals

DPVR’s history of success

Since the foundation of our VR headset design and manufacturing business, DPVR has received investments from large companies and investment institutions such as Xunlei Networking Technology, KingNet Network and Alpha Group. They have seen first hand the work we have put into designing the best VR headsets in the world. Through continuous virtual reality innovation DPVR aims to build the most powerful, user-friendly and revolutionary VR headset range in the world that can be used for education, training and entertainment.


MARCH 2021

DPVR retained market leadership position for consecutive quarters based on IDC market share reports.

DPVR Market Share Q1 2021

APRIL 2021

Edged VR used DPVR Headsets in Brigidine College in Australia with Wild Immersion VR educational software.

Brigidine College in Australia using DPVR VR Headsets for Student Education with Wild At Home VR Software about animals


DPVR introduces our most powerful VR headset ever made – the P1 Ultra 4K & P1 Pro Light. Focussed for use in corporate and enterprise with new customisation options.

DVPR P1 Ultra 4K Wireless VR Headset for B2B applications side view


APRIL 2019

DPVR launched the AIO VR – P1 Pro with Qualcomm XR1 processor.

MAY 2019

DPVR signed a new China Cooperation Agreement with WEARVR. DPVR participated in Double Giga Era at the World Telecom Day.

JULY 2019

DPVR launched double 4K VR headset.


JAN 2018

DPVR unveiled at CES 2018, inviting nearly 100 customers to globalize layout.

FEB 2018

DPVR launched “Chinatown Detective 2” limited custom VR headset.

APRIL 2018

DPVR successfully opened a new market in Japan.

MARCH 2018

DPVR won the Golden Finger Awards of China Online Game Industry Summit

MAY 2018

3D BoBo registered users exceeded 30 million, and won the first place in 2017 App Base Best VR industry with 75.16 points.

DPVR E3 became the world’s first VR headset to fit Microsoft’s tablet computer. 

DPVR launched the NOLO positioning kit.

JUNE 2018

DPVR X China Mobile Research Institute won the second prize of the “Bloom Cup” 5G Application Collection Competition.

DPVR promoted the world first mobile operator cloud VR business to land in Fujian.


DPVR launched panoramic sound 3D giant screen theater P1.


DPVR launched the E3C Gaming Combo.


MARCH 2017

DPVR and Dell signed strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. 

DPVR reached an in-depth cooperation with AMD in chip field.

DPVR launched the E3 360° laser positioning kit.

AUGUST 2017 

According to the global research institute Canalys, with 24% market share, DPVR accounted for the largest market share among the mainland China VR brands. 

Canalys report: 2017Q2DPVR won HTC VIVE, occupying the No.1 in Chinese market

DPVR Market Share of VR Headset Market in China

JUNE 2017

DPVR joined China Mobile 5G Innovation Center and opened the 5G+VR new vision by joining hands with telecom operators

DPVR Virtual Reality Headset being used for Education and training China University Centrol Control System Students


DPVR and Huawei jointly set up the VR OpenLab to promote the commercialisation of CloudVR applications.


DPVR and China Mobile Research Institute launched the world’s first 5G edge cloud architecture ALL IN ONE.


DPVR participated in the custom IPTV industry VR technology industry white paper.


MARCH 2016

DPVR launched the world’s first VR All In One VR – M2. 

Dennis Laudick, Senior VP of ARM, introduced the cooperation with DPVR in the DPVR Standalone Mobile VR M2 Release Conference.

JULY 2016

DPVR CEO Sunny Chen and CTO Tiehan Lv were invited to visit Samsung Semiconductor by its President Dr.Kinam Kim, and held a business talk with Samsung.


Palmer Luckey, the former founder of Oculus, after trying DPVR headset, said the product was great with high clarity and strong illusion of immersion.


JUNE 2015

DPVR launched the E2, reaching 80% of China’s market share.