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DPVR Limited Warranty

Please read this Limited Warranty carefully to ensure that you understand your rights.
The purchase or use of any DPVR product or accessory constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this Limited Warranty.



1. Product: Refers to hardware product produced and/or sold by Shanghai Lexiang Information Technology Co., Ltd. ( DPVR ), including machines and accessories contained in the said company’s packaging purchased from authorized dealers.

2. Accessory: Refers to a secondary part that has been packaged together with the Product sold by DPVR, at the time of sale, including: power supply unit, data cable, three-in-one cable, and USB/HDMI cable.

3. Warranty Period: Within which DPVR, assumes corresponding legal obligations in accordance with the law. This Limited Warranty does not affect any of your rights pertaining to the buying or selling of consumer goodsas specified by the laws of your country/region.


The terms of this Limited Warranty do not apply in the following circumstances:

  • When wear or physical damage to the exterior of the Product or Accessory has been caused by normal wear-and-tear, such as cracks on, or scratches to, the surface of the screen or camera.
  • When there is reasonable deterioration in the performance of consumables, such as batteries or protective coating, overtime. However, any deterioration caused by malfunction is not included in this exclusion.
  • When malfunction is caused by power supply issues not due to the Product or Accessory, such as power surges.
  • When damage has been caused by improper use (such as premature disconnection of the micro-USB cable, cable, power supply cable when the software driver is being updated) or unintended occurrences (such as drops from a height, the application of high pressure or crushing, immersion in liquid, careless handling or storage, storage or use in a humid environment, use in an environment where sunlight is able to directly penetrate the lens, in an environment with exceptionally high temperatures or harsh conditions or in an environment where there are extreme fluctuations in conditions, corrosion, and oxidation, etc.).
  • When defects, abnormal states or other failures have been caused by, or related to, unauthorized alterations or connections or disassembly, repair/maintenance by unauthorized personnel, or repair/maintenance at an unauthorized location.
  • When malfunction is caused by the use of the Product or Accessory together with, or the connection of the said Product or Accessory with, any product or accessory not provided by DPVR, or by the use of the said Productor Accessory in a manner that has not been specified.

How to obtain warranty service:
Please take the following steps when you discover a malfunction in the Product or Accessory:

1.Refer to the user manual and/or visit DPVR’s website to obtain corresponding information for troubleshooting. Please note that dissembling the Product or Accessory may lead to damage that is not covered by the terms of this Limited Warranty.

2.If you are unable to resolve the issue after referring to the information contained in the user manual and/or DPVR’s website, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the said Product or Accessory or DPVR’s hotline service center, etc., to obtain more information and assistance. You may also contact a service center authorized by DPVR, for repair/maintenance services.

After you have completed these steps, you may be informed by DPVR, on how you can return the said Product or Accessory. In such a case, you may be required to bear the shipping costs arising from the return of the said Product or Accessory. Please ensure that you have made a backup copy of the necessary information before you dispatch the item.


Return address:
Recipient: Shanghai Lexiang Information Technology Co., Ltd,( DPVR ), After sales Service Center, A101, No. 456 Bibo Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, 201203.

Upon receipt of the item, DPVR will determine if the flaw or malfunction in question is covered by the terms of this Limited Warranty. For flaws and malfunctions covered by the terms of this Limited Warranty, DPVR will repair or replace the Product to the extent that the covered functionality is recovered. DPVR will also ship back to you the repaired Product or the replacement product, if any. Any repaired Product or replacement item will continue to be covered by the terms of this Limited Warranty until the expiry of the original warranty term or ninety (90) days following your receipt of the said repaired Product or replacement item, whichever is longer. If proof of purchase is not attached to the Product when it is returned to us, you will have to make advance payment on the shipping fee. If shipping fee has not been paid in advance, we will hold on to the Product for thirty (30) days for you to retrieve, after which we will dispose of the Product.


Limitation of liability:
Unless otherwise stated in this Limited Warranty, and to the maximum extent permitted by the law, DPVR shall not be responsible for any incidental or indirect loss or damage of any nature (including but not limited to: loss of profits or business loss, business interruptions, loss of business information, loss of data, loss of privacy, or loss of confidential information). Notwithstanding the above-mentioned provisions, and even if any relief fails to achieve its intended purpose, the full responsibility of DPVR and its suppliers under any of the provisions of this limited warranty statement shall be limited to the amount actually paid by the customer for the purchase of the Product.

All disputes arising from the provisions of this Limited Warranty or from the sale, conditions, or use of the Product or Accessory in any form should be referred to the Shanghai Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of the Commission. The arbitration process shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. The arbitration decision is final, and binding on both you and DPVR.