Redefining learning experiences with immersive technologies

Experience scenarios, actively participate, and make decisions

Redefining learning experiences with immersive technologies

Experience scenarios, actively participate, and make decisions

The world's most comprehensive VR education solution for schools

At Umety, we believe that VR enhances learning by allowing students to focus on concepts at their own pace. Umety seamlessly integrates virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive simulations, creating an unparalleled learning environment in the classroom.

Our immersive content library

Our extensive content library has over 1000+ modules carefully curated to align with educational standards, focusing on STEM subjects, educational tours, and language learning. These modules offer interactive and immersive experiences that captivate students, bringing complex concepts to life. In particular, our STEM lessons are meticulously aligned with major curricula from around the world, ensuring that students receive comprehensive and relevant educational content. Designed for 10-15-minute focus, students control their pace while connecting experientially with concepts.

Our VR/AR content is especially curated by experts

Ensuring the overall learning experience is immersive, interactive, and inspiring

All of Umety’s modules have been designed and structured like a typical lesson:

Enable students to have a clear understanding of the goals they will achieve through their engagement with this lesson

  • Students engage in an interactive and immersive learning experience, where they learn by doingli>
  • All modules require the learner to actively participate in the learning process
  • All of our STEM include a formative assessment within the VR environment. This assessment provides students with instant feedback on their comprehension of the covered concepts
  • The results of the assessment are also made available to teachers, providing actionable teaching opportunities based on individual student needs

Hardware orientado a la educación para una experiencia perfecta en el aula


Uso eficiente sin conexión


Gestión de dispositivos móviles integrada


ROM de 128 GB | 6 GB de RAM


Contenido precargado


Almacenamiento masivo para agregar más contenido de realidad virtual


Sistema operativo diseñado para uso educativo.


Built-in 13 MP camera


Integrated touchpad with controller


Umety VR Headset

A first-of-its-kind VR device specifically designed for education


The UmetyVR Headset is tailored for educational purposes. The headset offers a safe learning experience with an array of unique attributes ideal for education, such as efficient offline usage and massive internal storage. It comes preloaded with Umety’s comprehensive VR content library, ensuring an extensive range of modules is readily available without the need for streaming or loading. The integrated touchpad, in addition to the handheld Bluetooth controller, offers versatile and intuitive control options, enhancing the learning experience for students.

  • Teacher-directed
  • Syncs with classes in the platform
  • Allows teachers to multicast content and monitor student activity
  • Student-directed
  • No internet connection required
  • Students can browse content at their own pace

Content and classroom management platform

Designed to cater to the diverse needs of students, teachers, and administrators


Administrative tools

Using the administrative tools in Umety’s classroom management system, administrators can easily set up personalized user profiles for students, teachers, parents, school administrators and district / ministry. The intuitive dashboards for individual user profiles highlight important progress information and success metrics.

Teacher tools

Using the teacher tools in Umety’s classroom management platform, teachers can create classes, add relevant modules in classes and launch VR content modules simultaneously on all or a group of student’s VR devices. Teachers can also pause or stop the module to maintain control within the classroom. These features ensure that all students remain in-sync with the teacher, as they have a same experience as a group.


Reports and analytics

Umety’s platform offers comprehensive reports and analytics, empowering educators to easily observe students engagement with VR modules. By tracking student progress and assessments, teachers gain valuable insights, enabling them to assess understanding, identify at-risk students, and identify learning gaps. This data-driven approach facilitates efficient use of teachers’ time and promotes independent, self-paced, and self-directed learning for students.

Embracing diversity
in the classroom

Our team has been working closely with special education teachers to create engaging, immersive, and inclusive learning experiences in VR that help students move at their own pace. Join us on this journey to provide an inclusive learning experience for all students.


Premium training and support

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering top-notch training sessions to help you effectively utilize our VR platform. Additionally, we are always ready to address any questions, concerns, or technical issues promptly, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for you.

Muestra de compra de P1 pro EDU (predescarga de contenido educativo de Umety)

P1 pro EDU con contenido Umety
  • Contenido precargado (¡no se requiere transmisión!)
  • Sistema Operativo diseñado para uso educativo, y 6 Gb de RAM
  • Gestión de dispositivos móviles integrada
  • Almacenamiento masivo (128 Gb) para agregar más contenido educativo VR
  • Podemos proporcionar una cuenta de prueba para que pueda probar directamente el contenido educativo de Umety.
Estuche de carga DPVR
También disponible en un más
  • Almacena de 4 a 8 auriculares y controladores
  • Múltiples puntos de carga para auriculares
  • Cable de transferencia de datos único para carga de contenido de auriculares

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