Connecting students
with complex concepts
in virtual reality

Welcome to the world’s largest library  
of interactive, curriculum-aligned
learning content for VR

The world’s largest virtual reality library

of interactive, curriculum-aligned content

Educational VR Content


Educational Modules

Interactive learning modules for VR, with created environments, and not simply 360° images or videos.


Man Hours

Our teachers, designers, programmers, animators and more have put in a lot of time to create this library.




VR in Education

We are both believers in, and enthusiasts for, immersive learning and what that can mean in the learning process.

VR is here to stay in education. Immersing a learner in a virtual environment is engaging. Creating an environment that heightens a desire to learn, is free from distraction, and promotes focused concentration on the topic is definitely worth an investment.

As teachers, we know that open and receptive students (like those using the VR), exposed to appropriately-leveled educational content and completely engrossed in a key concept, are a recipe ripe for raising learning outcomes. Very simply, all of this is exactly what Veative is all about.


Extensive VR

Educational LIBRARY

670+ interactive VR modules

Veative is proud to offer educators the world’s largest library of standards-aligned, immersive and interactive VR content. Educators can choose and assign grade and subject appropriate interactive content, focused on the key concepts in their curriculum. Students learn by doing and can experience extraordinary locations or environments without the need to leave their desks.

More VR Content in Other Aspects


Sample of P1 pro EDU (pre-download Veative educational content) purchase

P1 pro EDU with Veative content
  • Pre-loaded content (no streaming required!)
  • Operating System designed for educational use, and 6 Gb of RAM
  • In-built mobile device management
  • Massive storage (128 Gb) to add more VR educational content
  • We can provide a test account so that you can directly test the educational content of Veative
Also available in a more
  • Stores 4 to 8 headsets, and controllers
  • Multiple charging points for headsets
  • Single data transfer cable for content loading of headsets

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