Device Management for XR, Made Easy

ArborXR provides everything you need to
remotely manage your XR devices in one place.


ArborXR was Built Specifically for AR & VR Devices

Enroll and provision headsets in bulk. Configure Wi-Fi and settings. Remotely deploy and update apps & files. Lock down the headset experience with their Kiosk Mode or Custom Launcher. ArborXR makes it incredibly simple to manage your XR fleet––especially at scale.

Manage XR Devices with Confidence

Save time by enrolling & provisioning headsets in bulk with just a few clicks. Manage thousands of headsets with enterprise-grade security. Support for factory reset, scheduled content updates, Wi-Fi configuration, and more.



Device Groups

Manage apps, files, and settings in bulk with device groups.

Full Visibility

Use analytics to gain insights and spot deployment issues.

Device Health

View device battery, storage, and network status in one place.

Security & Control

Securely wipe XR devices remotely with the click of a button.


Remotely Deploy Apps & Updates

Upload your content library of apps & 360° files to deploy remotely. Version control and large files supported. Work closely with ISV partners to receive content updates without giving them access to company devices.

Content Library

Upload your content to create a cloud-based library of apps and 360° videos.

Total Command

Track install progress of content deployment & updates in real-time.

Complete Control

Version control & rollback, with no file size restrictions.

Content Sharing

Work with your ISV partners to remotely share apps & updates.

Control the User Experience

Utilize Kiosk Mode or Custom Launcher to create a focused user experience. Control what content & settings the user can access in the headset. ArborXR makes it easy to manage your AR & VR devices at scale.



Specify the app(s) to be displayed in-headset.


Customize the in-headset user interface to match your brand.


Guide your users through an effortless in-headset experience.

Use Almost Any XR Headset

Manage XR device policies and deploy apps & files to most Android-based standalone AR and VR devices, including: DPVR P1 Personal , DPVR P1 Pro, DPVR P1 Pro 4K, DPVR P1 Ultra 4K, and more.


See ArborXR in Action

Watch the product demo to see how ArborXR can help your organization successfully manage and scale your XR fleet.

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