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​​​​​​DPVR can provide everything you need to customize a VR headset for your business, including hardware, software, accessories, etc.

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Software Customization

Accessories Customization


We are very excited about our partnership with DPVR to leverage the power of virtual reality technology, helping brands be more effective in engaging with consumers by combining storytelling with technology.

The complete feeling of immersion that virtual reality provides means that we can use it as a powerful innovative marketing tool for promoting destination Africa.

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Hardware Customization


Optional Accessories


  • PU Designed for Big Nose
  • MOQ:0
  • PU Designed for Asian Nose
  • MOQ:0

TIPS: Please Use The Accessories as Shown in The Picture

Head Strap

  • PU Material
  • Triangular Structure
  • Better Wrap the Back of the Head
  • Ergonomic Design
  • MOQ: 0
  • A 3000mAh Battery on the Back of the Head Strap, Which Can Provide Extra Power for the HMD and Balance the Weight to Avoid Pressure on the Face
  • MOQ: 100

Accessories Customization

Item Accessories Customization Content Lead Time
Manual Including 4 languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean)
– New language can be added –
15 Days
Warranty Including 6 languages (SCN, TCN, ENG, JP, KR, FRE)
– New language can be added –
15 Days
Packaging The text and pattern of the color box can be customized
according to the design renderings
25 Days
Adapter No logo in default
Customization on the adapter is not recommended
45 Days
3 DoF Controller No logo in default
Sticker customization is available
25 Days
HMD Case Sticker Text content customization is available
15 Days

Software Customization

Boot Logo & Animation


Novice Guide


Launcher Logo


Launcher Homepage


UI Customization


Set the specified APP as Kiosk Mode


Case Sharing


DPVR carried out a student aid project with 3000 P-Series VR headsets to bring a new VR experience to some middle school students in Guizhou.


DPVR and Veative launched a VR learning program, bringing immersive STEM content learning for students worldwide.


DPVR and South Korea SND Publishing jointly created this VR solution for preschool tutoring, bringing a lively, interesting and enlightening education tool and a pleasant learning experience to Korean preschoolers.

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