VR Headsets For Training Applications

Our VR headsets are being used by training companies, businesses, retailers and corporate companies to train staff efficiently & effectively using virtual reality.

Group or personal training using a virtual reality headset

Using VR for training is one of the largest changes taking place in the global education industry at the moment. It is the cutting edge way to give people a completely immersive training experience & elevate their learning to another level. Instead of people watching a video or seeing some doing a PowerPoint presentation, each individual can have a personalised education experience through their virtual reality headset.

This can enable businesses of any type to train team members like never before with a mix of video, photo and even interactive content to help upskill staff quickly and effectively. Content can be updated centrally to ensure the latest materials are being used.

Virtual reality can keep any training participant actively engaged for long periods of time due to the improved method of content being consumed. This can aid long-term retention of information and make training more effective. VR enables employees to learn through practical experience. Experiential learning has long been argued as the most effective way to learn and learning through experience increases the quality of retention by 75-90%. ​

There are even retail stores starting to use VR training to improve the customer experience. For example, Walmart are working with STRIVR (previously known for training NFL athletes in VR) to create a ‘Black Friday’ simulator to train and prepare employees for the expected holiday rush.

Supported hardware implementations

At DPVR we are ready to fulfill any particular requirement. Our head mounted VR displays are designed for the highest level of performance and quality in mind. There are tons of different ways to elevate your use of VR and we can help prepare applications from scratch or you could use your software integrated with our hardware.



Engineers, technicians and support personnel ready to guide you


The face sponges are easy to replace and clean to maximise hygiene levels.


We can customise the casing logo, system logo, user interface and language to suit any use.


We can facilitate fast fulfilment and operational logistics.


Our headsets are lightweight, easy to use but built to be durable and reliable for regular use.


Wired, wireless or single media modes creates easy content management solutions.

VR for different types of training situations


Large group training using VR headsets

DPVR VR headsets can be used for training large groups in a single room. It is a perfect solution for conferences, product launches or annual events where you need to share information to a large group of people.


Skills training using VR headsets and software

VR headsets can be used with DOF controllers to provide skills or process training to employees. It makes it easy for brands or companies to train staff on performing routine tasks or learning new processors. Assessors can view each person’s progress.


Occupational health & safety training using virtual reality headsets

OH&S is one of the most important areas that every business must address. VR headsets can be used to ensure regular updates are available as well as virtual environments created to turn theories into ineractive experiences.


Simulation training for equipment or vehicles using virtual reality software & headsets

Virtual reality headsets can be used for simulation training to learn how to operate equipment, drive a vehicle or fly an aircraft. The combination of software and hardware can give someone hands on experience prior to using expensive equipment in the field.


Team training for products or services using virtual reality headsets

Small group training can be completed using virtual reality headsets to ensure each individual receives all the necessary materials. The benefit is a high level of interactivity and immersive content can be delivered that keeps participants engaged for longer periods of time.


Group training labs using virtual reality headsets

If you have a training company with permanent facilities to host groups of people, we can help you fit out the rooms to incorporate the use of VR headsets. Virtual reality can be used to train groups of people together with content either streamed or shared from a central device.

Wired or wireless virtual reality broadcasting



Our wireless VR headset range can be set up to control and play content across multiple VR headsets at the same time.

It means you can get real time status updates from each headset that is controlled by a central computer or tablet.

This solution makes it perfect for us in conferences, education facilities, showrooms, group tours or for corporate presentations.



The other solution we provide is a wired option that takes content from a single HDMI source and shares it out to many.

You can broadcast videos or images on multiple devices in a very cost-effective way.

This solution is ideal for smaller environments like training rooms or classrooms in schools.

DPVR Starlink

DPVR’s unique Starlink solution can saves money on software licensing and PC hardware required for training rooms or group training situations.

This revolutionary technology enables the use of a single PC tethered headset to share content to multiple wireless headsets in the same room.

It reduces the need for hubs, boosters, cabling and individual computers for each participant to save money, time  and hassle

Virtual Reality Headsets
For Training

DPVR have designed a range of VR headsets that are suitable to be used for all types of training purposes. Our product range has wireless and wired choices that can be adapted to suit any type of application for small or large groups of people to receive training materials via virtual reality in any Country in the world.




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