Extended Warranty


Double your headset’s warranty for 2 years of protection against defects.
  • Defect Protection.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Unlimited free repairs/replacements for defects under warranty.
  • Exclusive service channel with dedicated technicians.
  • Shipping costs covered both ways for repairs.

Learn more about our support options for your headset

The DPVR Extended Warranty adds additional coverage for your virtual reality headset. This optional service is available if you have already purchased a DPVR headset and the product is not activated or has been activated for no longer than 30 days. The service agreement will be sent to your valid email address, please pay attention to your email inbox and activate the product.

When the covered headset is returned within fifteen (15) days, the associated “DPVR Extended Warranty” can also be returned for a refund at that time. More than 15 days after the covered headset is purchased, cancellation, return or exchange of “DPVR Extended Warranty” for any reason shall not be accepted. If you purchase the “DPVR Extended Warranty” at a separate time after purchasing the headset, once the product and service are activated and locked in, the service shall not be accepted for return or exchange.

The service is non-transferable to a third party once activated.

The cover is for the selected headsets only. Products not officially released by DPVR and collaborations are not covered. This service is applicable to the specific model you purchase.