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The DPVR E3 is a powerful virtual reality headset that can be tethered to a PC. Perfect for gaming, entertainment and able to be adapted for use in corporate or enterprise situations for groups of people. Incredible 2560 x 1440 resolution

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E3C Virtual Reality Headset, Simulators
for Individuals or Groups Using

Simulation Training for Equipment or Vehicles

Virtual reality headsets can be used for simulation training to learn how to operate equipment, drive a vehicle or fly an aircraft. The combination of software and hardware can give someone hands on experience prior to using expensive equipment in the field.


Simulation Entertainment Pods

In this example our VR headsets were used to create entertainment pods to create a fun experience for people visiting a shopping centre. The person could control what was happening in the game using the controllers on the seat.


Simulation Entertainment Pods

The Seasonal Group in the UK have developed a small group simulation ride that is themed and can be placed in a high traffic shopping area, theme park or other locations. They create their solution with options that include water spray or fans to create a 4D experience.


Large Group VR Simulators

The use of our VR headsets can be scaled to be used across larger group applications. Our hardware and software is flexible enough to be adapted to different situations quite easily. Suitable for company employees to party and play, to accompany and interact with family and friends.


VR Egg Chair

Do you have anything to do in your leisure time? Want to surprise your partner? DPVR E3-C allows you to enjoy a two-person world.


VR Simulator Rider

Learn a technique, practice the operation, and let you experience and feel what you want to learn but can’t actually experience.


VR Bumper Cars

The traditional bumper car is boring, when you put on the DPVR E3-C, you will see a whole new world, bringing you an unparalleled world of bumper cars.


4 Space Warriors

Do you want to be a time warrior? Do you want to fight side by side with your friends? DPVR E3-C allows you to become a real time-traveling warrior, fighting side by side with your comrades, invincible.


VR Moto

Do you like to travel the world on a motorcycle? Are you afraid to ride a motorcycle because there are too many vehicles on the road? DPVR E3-C allows you to easily overcome all obstacles and enjoy the VR motorcycle.


VR 360

The 360° rotation and rollover brings you a full range of virtual reality gaming experience, allowing you to experience the feeling of a pilot flipping in the air, stimulating every cell of your body.


VR Ski

Do you like to ski? Are you still worried about the distance and cold that hinder your skiing? VR ski machines help you break through obstacles and enjoy skiing.


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