The P1 Wireless VR Headset is an all-in-one head-mounted virtual reality headset that can be used anywhere. Our software is well suited for personal use at home or we can help you adapt it to be used for medical, corporate, or enterprise applications to allow a group of people to use it. The P1 Ultra is our most powerful, customisable, device that is the ultimate choice for business or personal use.

  • Snapdragon 845 Processor
  • 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • 3 Dof controller
  • RAM 4GB + ROM 64GB memory
  • Customisable hardware modules
  • SDK kits available for integrators

For further information regarding volume purchases, hardware customisation or integration support please contact our sales team, we would have happy to help.

Specification Information

P series

The design

The P1 gives you the freedom of wireless virtual reality for either home, business, education or enterprise use. The lightweight design means it is comfortable to use for long periods of time and is easy to take anywhere with you. Every one of our wireless VR headsets has been designed to fulfil the requirements for various VR applications, from a personal cinema viewing experience to the latest 6 DOF full interactivity applications. The P1 was recognised as one of the best wireless VR headset designs in the world, winning an IF World Design Award in 2019. We designed a virtual reality headset that incorporated unique head dissipation features as well as integrated surround sound to create an amazing virtual reality experience.


The range of models include;

  • P1 HD with a VR9 processer, perfect for enjoying content.
  • P1 PRO HD or 4K with XR1 processor for interactive VR entertainment.
  • P1 ULTRA 4K powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor our most powerful headset 35% faster than 835 series devices.



The P1 Ultra can also be customised with additional modules to suit different applications. Our team can help you customise units and have changes made to the hardware, software, packaging and user interface. Ideal for large volume deployment or specific, branded, applications. Modules include heart rate monitor, eye tracking and more.

DPVR can also help system integrators or content creators by providing assistance and access to our SDK’s to adapt the hardware to fit your specific applications. With the high levels of performance available from the Snapdragon processor, it means high-resolution video, games or other interactive applications can be created for business, education or entertainment.

XR Devices Management Software

ArborXR provides everything you need to remotely manage your XR devices in one place.

Free for  up to 50 devices.

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Our headsets are packed with technology rich features

The engineering team that designs each of our headsets has a laser like focus on ensuring each model will  fulfil the needs of the latest virtual reality applications. Our range is suitable for personal cinema viewing through to the latest interactive applications.


Award winning
technology design

Up to 4K High Resolution

High quality Fresnel lens technology

Tough design that is built to last

Perfect for gaming, training or education