DPVR and EZVR cooperate to create a social Metaverse, “Polygon World” will be launched on DPVR Assistant

DPVR and EZVR cooperate to create a social Metaverse, "Polygon World" will be launched on DPVR Assistant. Polygon World focuses on social play in virtual cities, integrating a variety of popular VR social gameplay.

DPVR announced a strategic cooperation with EZVR


Recently, DPVR announced a strategic cooperation with EZVR, a leading virtual reality technology company in China. Two parties will focus on the multi-terminal layout of the ecological construction of the “Metaverse”, give full play to their respective advantages in technology and resources, and actively cooperate in the strategic layout of the “Metaverse”, the construction of social scenes in the “Metaverse”, and the interactive application of VR games.

Cooperation on customer market: Exploring a new social model of metaverse based on “Polygon World”

With the rise of “Generation Z”, young, entertaining and content-oriented “Metaverse” social networking has begun to replace instant messaging as the latest social networking mode. At the same time, more advanced VR wearable devices and VR social applications with rich experience will also become the growth force of the new social field of “Metaverse”.


In order to provide users with a better virtual reality experience, DPVR will launch a new product for the consumer market in the near future, which will not only comprehensively upgrade hardware performance and wear experience, but also introduce a new content ecosystem — Polygon World, a cross-terminal VR social application independently developed by EZVR and will soon be available in the new DPVR Assistant.


Polygon World focuses on social play in virtual cities, integrating a variety of popular VR social gameplay, and making a lot of localized Settings in terms of interactive scene design and immersive experience.

At present, the game has opened two cities, Hangzhou and Singapore, where players can freely create their own virtual characters and make friends, play games, and engage in various creative activities in the real city, such as 360° view of West Lake, Singapore Ferris wheel, exclusive festivals, etc.

The integration of multiplayer VR games such as “Battle Royale”, “Olympic Bow And Arrow” and “Football Match” also enhanced its diversified social interactive entertainment properties.


According to EZVR, Polygon World is working on a new commercial version, which will be opened in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Paris, New York and other popular cities around the world. Wearing the new DPVR headset and entering this magical world, players will be able to cross the mountains and seas and interact with friends thousands of miles away for multi-scene entertainment and real-time communication, fast and fun.


Cooperation on business market: Work together to create a one-stop "Metaverse" social solution

In the post-epidemic era, VR virtual space service, as an efficient, convenient and green form of business communication, has been favored by more and more enterprises and groups.

Thanks to the maturity of virtual space technology and VR hardware devices, through intelligent “Metaverse” social solutions, users can not only break space restrictions and invite people around the world to share information in real time in virtual space (including voice and video messaging, real-time action language interaction, etc.), but also create virtual product exhibitions, virtual art exhibitions, and virtual shopping neighborhoods to explore more innovative and diverse business opportunities.


As the leading “Metaverse” social solution team in China, EZVR has joined Harvard Innovation Lab in February 2022 and has successfully supported the development and implementation of VR projects in the United States, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou, covering conferences and exhibitions, competitive sports, smart campuses, smart parks, etc.


DPVR and EZVR, two high-tech enterprises, will firmly and closely cooperate with each other to promote the rapid upgrade of the whole VR industry chain, build a multi-win “meta-universe” social ecology, and bring users around the world a more immersive, interesting and high-quality “meta-universe” social experience with core technology and innovative thinking.

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