DPVR E4 Lands on Schenker Technologies’ bestware.com in Strategic Alliance

Shanghai, 07th Sept. - DPVR, the pioneering force in the virtual reality industry, announces a strategic collaboration with Schenker Technologies, a prominent provider of IT and XR hardware and accessories operating throughout Europe. The partnership aims to bring DPVR's gaming headset E4 to a broader audience through Schenker's e-commerce platform, bestware.com.

DPVR E4 available on bestware.com

DPVR has consistently remained at the forefront of the VR device design and manufacturing sector, delivering innovative tethered and wireless VR headsets that cater to diverse industries. From education and training to simulation and entertainment, DPVR’s VR solutions have been transforming the way businesses and organizations engage with immersive technology.

Schenker Technologies, based in Leipzig, Germany, is renowned for its comprehensive range of IT and XR products and services. With an emphasis on augmented and virtual reality technologies, the company’s expertise spans production, storage, distribution, and expert trilingual customer support. Their locally manufactured, freely configurable laptops and desktop PCs under the brands XMG and SCHENKER have received numerous accolades from industry media for their performance and cutting-edge components.

The e-commerce platform bestware.com, complements their existing product range with a carefully curated selection of top-tier products from leading manufacturers, along with the bestware.com laptop and desktop PC configurator.

By combining their strengths, DPVR and Schenker Technologies aim to make DPVR E4 easily accessible to consumers across Europe. DPVR’s innovative technology, when paired with Schenker’s seamless distribution and support capabilities, is set to revolutionize the virtual reality landscape in the region.

Key Benefits of the Collaboration:

Expanded Reach: The E4 headset will now be available to a wider European audience through bestware.com, Schenker’s thriving e-commerce platform.

Comprehensive Support: Schenker Technologies’ expertise in customer service and support will further enhance the overall VR experience for users, guaranteeing a seamless and satisfying journey with DPVR E4.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Schenker Technologies to introduce our VR headset E4 to a broader audience in Europe,” said Derek Liu, VP of DPVR. “This partnership signifies a major stride in making immersive technology more accessible and allowing users to explore the endless possibilities of virtual reality.”

“We are excited to welcome DPVR to our bestware.com platform,” stated Tom Neubert, Sr. Product Manager XR at Schenker Technologies. “The addition of DPVR E4 aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering the most innovative and sought-after products to our customers, ensuring they have access to the very best in virtual reality technology.”

With DPVR’s innovative virtual reality technology and Schenker Technologies’ established presence in the European market, the collaboration promises to reshape the way people interact with VR content and brings immersive experiences to new heights.

About DPVR:

DPVR is an innovative Shanghai-based technology company specializing in VR device design and manufacturing. With a diverse portfolio of tethered and wireless VR headsets, DPVR caters to numerous industries, unlocking transformative solutions for education, training, simulation, and entertainment domains. DPVR proudly provides fully customizable VR solutions tailored to meet the dynamic immersive technology requirements of modern enterprises.

About Schenker Technologies:

Schenker Technologies is a Leipzig-based company operating throughout Europe as a provider of IT hardware and accessories, distribution services, and the latest in augmented and virtual reality technologies. With around 120 employees, the company offers a comprehensive range of activities, from production and storage to service, support, and administration. Schenker Technologies prides itself on being an innovative trendsetter, using its distribution experience to provide the European market with the world’s most interesting new technologies and custom solutions.

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