DPVR Showcases Collaborative Solutions at CES Las Vegas 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 12, 2024 - DPVR showcases its latest VR tech and joint solutions at CES 2024, focusing on applications that address real-world needs in education, arcades, simulation, healthcare and more. Exhibited models include enterprise headset P1 Pro and P2, as well as arcade headset E4C and E3C, and the consumer PC VR headset E4.

Education Solution

  •  Lenovo VR Classroom Gen, an end-to-end VR learning solution, provides a combination of devices, classrooms, and device management, curated content, professional development, and support and services—all specifically designed and built around how educators plan and deliver lessons. The classroom solution utilizes the DPVR P1 Pro Headset for its durability and lightweight design.
  • Curriculum-aligned educational content library of over 550 interactive modules for STEM from Umety, a leading provider of immersive and interactive VR content designed specifically to support educators and enhance the learning experience for students, paired with education-first hardware DPVR P1 Pro Edu for its customizable module.

Medical Solution

  • Non-invasive Vx Therapy Program from Harvard MedTech uses DPVR P2, overcoming Physical and Emotional Trauma. With the counter-balanced ergonomic design of the headset, the program helps patients who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other symptoms of trauma. Decrease medication use, improve daily living and social activity, and return to work sooner.
  • A vision training system developed by Vivid Vision empowers eye doctors. The training combines traditional eye therapy with immersive virtual reality experiences. Using DPVR P1 Pro headsets, patients can engage in fun and interactive games that help strengthen their weaker eyes, leading to improved vision and depth perception.

Training and Simulation Solution

  • Fleet Source incorporates immersive visuals that simulate real-life experiences. The module aims to transform drivers’ responses and behaviors, making the roads safer and ultimately saving lives. The Fleet Source approved Safe Urban Driving CPC Course, powered by DPVR P1 Pro, enables fleet operators to better safeguard vulnerable road users while also reducing costs and minimizing accidents.
  • Fire drill simulation series from ZK-DEPOO, available on DPVR P1 Ultra 4K. Interactive modules cover various scenarios such as storage, kitchen, factory, and warehouse, including fire response and escape simulations. Visitors get to learn the proper selection and use of fire extinguishers and participate in exercises on firefighter’s rescue procedures.

Arcade Solution

Godzilla Kaiju Wars VR from Raw Thrills. The game’s visual experience is powered by modified DPVR E4, boasting 6 DoF 4K120 Hz displays, and an expansive FOV at 116°. The cabinet is equipped with the latest Thrill-D motion base, wind, and vibration effects, replacing motion and gesture sensors with mounted dual-stick cannons. The audio features a 6-channel “Earthshaker” sound system. It offers players two thrilling levels (3 more in development) where they must confront monstrous beasts, giant robots, and the iconic Godzilla himself.


We were amazed by the response of the CES 2024 crowd lined up to play our revolutionary Godzilla Kaiju Wars VR XD arcade experience, "said Eugene Jarvis, Raw Thrills CEO. "The project would not have been possible without DPVR, and their fantastic E4 headsets. Their remarkable image quality, and lightweight user comfort elevated the Godzilla experience to the next level!"

CES 2024 set a great platform for DPVR to connect with consumers and VR content providers," expressed Derek Liu, VP of DPVR. "Being back on the Vegas trade show floor 5 years later, the team brings collaborative solutions with partners across various industries. The company holds the commitment to delivering accessible VR headsets for all walks of life. Besides the enterprise-focused solutions and customization services demoed on the spot, there could be more to expect from DPVR's consumer product portfolio in the new year ahead."

About DPVR

DPVR is an innovative Shanghai-based technology company specializing in VR decice design and manufacturing. With a diverse portfolio of tethered and wireless virtual reality headsets, DPVR caters to numerous industries, unlocking transformative solutions for education, training, simulation, and entertainment domains. DPVR provides fully customizable VR solutions tailored to meet the dynamic immersive technology requirements of enterprises and consumers.

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