E-Spirit of Passion elite gamers meet-up

On April 1st, the "E-Spirit of Passion" elite gamers meet-up took place at the Razer Lujiazui Center Store, drawing a large number of players who gathered to share insights and express their unwavering passion for gaming.

the "E-Spirit of Passion" elite gamers meet-up

Curious to know what unfolded at this fiery meet-up? Let’s take a closer look!

Passion Unites Us

This gathering was a true celebration of gaming, where daily roles were shed, and only pure passion prevailed.


As Chaoyang Chen, the founder of DPVR, emphasized in his opening speech, “I firmly believe that the VR industry is a marathon for those who persevere and are fueled by passion, just like the theme of our event today, ‘E-Spirit of Passion.’ I believe that everyone here, whether it’s for games or VR, holds their own unique passion.”


Passion Drives Candid Conversations

Every user is a valuable “tester” for DPVR, and we eagerly seek more feedback to continuously improve our products and delight our players.


“Initially, I had some reservations about the optimization of E4 in certain areas. However, after providing feedback, the issues were promptly addressed. The current version is much improved and delivers a fantastic experience,” shared popular Bilibili UP, Shouzhuo Jun. Real user feedback is the cornerstone of our continuous optimization efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.


Renowned UP, Shen Yichen, also affirmed, “If you’re a gaming enthusiast and seeking to experience VR games with top-notch performance and reasonable pricing, DPVR may be your best choice.” Such recognition is not unfounded, but rather a result of long-term companionship and witnessed growth.


Experienced DPVR user, VR Pangdahai, shared his first-hand experience with E4 from a gamer-oriented and hardcore perspective. “The DPVR E4 headset is impressively lightweight, that was my initial impression. Upon wearing it, I realized it offers a wide field of view (FOV). With DP direct connection, the image quality and latency control for Steam VR are excellent. The inside-out tracking technology used in E4 is also remarkable, marking DPVR’s first adoption of this technology.”


Similarly, experienced DPVR user, Wang Zhigang, also attested to the remarkable progress of E4 and expressed that his trust and support were not misplaced. “The journey of using E4 since its initial release has had its ups and downs, but with each upgrade, E4 has significantly improved in terms of operation and display, especially considering its affordable price range of 3000 yuan,” exclaimed Wang Zhigang.


DPVR product manager, Zou Hongyu, was also present at the event and actively engaged with the audience, providing comprehensive answers to inquiries about E4, ensuring satisfactory responses.

Passion Unites Us in Battle

The ultimate delight for gamers is games: Showtime! Let’s indulge in some thrilling VR fun together!


Shouzhuo Jun and Shen Yichen teamed up with the audience to form a temporary team, equipped with E4 headsets, for an exhilarating battle in “Pavlov VR”. The clash between the two teams, comprising of both “veterans” and “experts”, created a jubilant atmosphere at the event as they fought side by side.


Looking forward to the next meet-up, see you there!

As our event theme “E-Spirit of Passion” implies, DPVR aims to bring fellow gamers together through meet-ups, fostering a community where they can passionately share their love for gaming and VR.


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