DPVR and Clique Games Unite to Elevate the Virtual Reality Gaming Landscape

partnership with clique games
DPVR and Clique Games have joined forces in an exciting partnership to enhance the virtual reality gaming experience. As a leading provider of VR devices, DPVR is thrilled to collaborate with Clique Games, a renowned VR game publisher and operator of virtual reality arcades. Together, they aim to bring new and innovative gaming experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.

About Clique Games

Clique Games is a renowned VR game publisher and operator of virtual reality arcades. With a focus on publishing the best of the best VR games, Clique Games utilizes over 20 years of combined experience in the VR industry to introduce fun, novel, and innovative titles to the market.

Introducing Dragon Fist: A Thrilling VR Kung Fu Adventure:

partnership with clique games

Dragon Fist, a first-person VR fighting game from Clique Games, transports players into the heart of exhilarating Kung Fu combat. Engage in high-intensity battles against a diverse range of opponents, each possessing their own unique fighting style, tactics, special moves, and captivating backstories. Immerse yourself in a world inspired by martial arts movies from different eras, and assume the role of legendary characters such as wise masters, gifted female Kung Fu students, Shaolin monks, Bruce Lee-inspired heroes, samurais, and ninjas. Dragon Fist features symmetric physics-based combat, allowing players to unleash their creativity and adapt their fighting strategies while challenging adversaries who possess the same controls. With a wide variety of captivating scenes and 40 distinct characters, Dragon Fist promises an unmatched and unforgettable VR gaming experience.

Embark on an Epic Adventure with Coffin Rot Brewing Co:

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Coffin Rot, another captivating creation by Clique Games, combines elements of a bar simulator and wave defense to offer a unique and engaging VR gaming experience. As the proprietor of a haunted bar, players must concoct drinks for their ghostly patrons while defending their establishment against hordes of skeletons. Armed with an arsenal of weapons, traps, and gadgets, players must defend their treasure against the relentless onslaught of the Tomblord and his army. Ascend the ranks of barlords, rack up impressive combos and kills, and unlock an array of cosmetics, immersive gameplay elements, and hidden treasures. Coffin Rot Brewing Co. guarantees hours of thrilling gameplay, with surprises waiting to be discovered around every corner.

Clique Games plans to test and apply the E4 headset into VR arcades, providing better gaming experience for customers. VR arcades are a growing trend in the entertainment industry, as they offer a social and immersive way to enjoy VR games. By using the E4 headset, VR arcade operators can offer their customers a premium VR experience that is easy to set up and maintain.

We are very excited to partner with Clique Games, a VR publisher that shares our vision of bringing high-quality VR content to the masses. Their games are fun, immersive, and innovative, and we are proud to support them with our E4 headset. Together, we will create a VR game ecosystem that will delight gamers around the world.”

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