VR Headsets For Custom Made Applications

The DPVR design team can help businesses to integrate our virtual reality headset hardware into custom made applications. Our team can help with any type of OEM integration scenario for corporate, enterprise use cases.

Virtual reality headset custom integration

Over the years, DPVR have helped many different businesses to integrate our virtual reality headset products into their execution strategies. Our team has been able to help bring software applications, customer experiences and transformational change for corporate and enterprise companies looking for cutting-edge solutions.

With the choice of wireless all-in-one or PC tethered VR headsets, there is a suitable product available for every scenario that can be expertly matched to your needs. This can be done for small or large scale production runs for a single location or international distribution.

Supported hardware implementations

At DPVR we are ready to fulfill any particular requirement. Our head mounted VR displays are designed for the highest level of performance and quality in mind. There are tons of different ways to elevate your use of VR and we can help prepare applications from scratch or you could use your software integrated with our hardware.



Engineers, technicians and support personnel ready to guide you


The face sponges are easy to replace and clean to maximise hygiene levels.


We can customise the casing logo, system logo, user interface and language to suit any use.


We can facilitate fast fulfilment and operational logistics.


Our headsets are lightweight, easy to use but built to be durable and reliable for regular use.


Wired, wireless or single media modes creates easy content management solutions.

You can use VR for many different situations


VR for simulators and entertainment

DPVR VR headsets can be integrated into a simulator hardware solution to give users an incredibly immersive visual experience. No need for big screens or displays, our personal head mounted VR headset is ideal.


Virtual reality training labs

Virtual reality headsets are now being used in training rooms to help facilitate group training. Our hardware can receive content from a single source for everyone to use which makes management simple and easy.


Volume purchase quantities

The DPVR corporate team can work with any organisation to construct volume purchase quantities of our headset products. You get to work directly with the manufacturer to meet your specific requirements.


Skills training using VR headsets and software

VR headsets can be used with DOF controllers to provide skills or process training to employees. It makes it easy for brands or companies to train staff on performing routine tasks or learning new processors. Assessors can view each person’s progress.


Occupational health & safety training using virtual reality headsets

OH&S is one of the most important areas that every business must address. VR headsets can be used to ensure regular updates are available as well as virtual environments created to turn theories into ineractive experiences.


Simulation training for equipment or vehicles using virtual reality software & headsets

Virtual reality headsets can be used for simulation training to learn how to operate equipment, drive a vehicle or fly an aircraft. The combination of software and hardware can give someone hands on experience prior to using expensive equipment in the field.


VR headsets for OEM bundles

We are able to produce custom production runs for brands that are looking to bundle VR headsets with other products like mobile phones, laptops or for other promotional purposes. We can custom design packaging and labelling to suit your requirements.