VR Headsets For Events

VR headsets can be used at large events to create a completely immersive experience for visitors that goes beyond brochures or video screens.

Using a virtual reality headset for events

Using virtual reality for an event is a relatively new idea. Most events will typically have large signage, lots of staff, presentations, or maybe even video screens & demonstrations to try and entice visitors. The use of a VR headset can elevate a visitor’s experience either one on one or in a large group.

Brands or companies can use VR to create a completely unique experience for each visitor to the event. This could be in the form of an interactive product demonstration or unique content consumption. Our hardware can be set up to cater to individual or large group usage very easily to create very flexible solutions that are scalable.

Supported hardware implementations

At DPVR we are ready to fulfill any particular requirement. Our head mounted VR displays are designed for the highest level of performance and quality in mind. There are tons of different ways to elevate your use of VR to deliver events and we can help prepare applications from scratch or you could use your software integrated with our hardware.



Engineers, technicians and support personnel ready to guide you


The face sponges are easy to replace and clean to maximise hygiene levels.


We can customise the casing logo, system logo, user interface and language to suit any use.


We can facilitate fast fulfilment and operational logistics.


Our headsets are lightweight, easy to use but built to be durable and reliable for regular use.


Wired, wireless or single media modes creates easy content management solutions.

VR for different types of small or large scale events


Large corporate event presentations using VR headses

DPVR VR headsets can be used at large corporate events to share information in an interactive way. Much better than simple PowerPoint presentations, it can help engagement and information retention.


VR for public events & exhibitions

Public events are always busy, noisy environments where people can quickly get distracted. Using a VR headset can give a person a very personal experience that is interactive & enables them to focus on your company’s information.


Virtual events run over multiple locations

The world is closer than ever these days thanks to the internet. A company can save money on travel costs for employees by hosting virtual events. Each attendee can receive the same high quality materials via their VR headset.

Wired or wireless virtual reality broadcasting



Our wireless VR headset range can be set up to control and play content across multiple VR headsets at the same time.

It means you can get real time status updates from each headset that is controlled by a central computer or tablet.

This solution makes it perfect for us in conferences, education facilities, showrooms, group tours or for corporate presentations.



The other solution we provide is a wired option that takes content from a single HDMI source and shares it out to many.

You can broadcast videos or images on multiple devices in a very cost-effective way.

This solution is ideal for smaller environments like training rooms or classrooms in schools.

Virtual Reality Headsets
For Events

DPVR have designed a range of VR headsets that are suitable to be used for all types of event sizes. Our product range has wireless and wired choices that can be adapted to suit any type of application for small or large groups of people to receive materials via virtual reality in any Country in the world.




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