VR Headsets For Simulators

A VR headset can be used to create an incredibly immersive simulation experience whether it is for entertainment or for training purposes.

Simulators for individuals or groups using a virtual reality headset

People around the world associate VR headsets with their entertainment capabilities. That is certainly what they were originally designed for and now with advancements in both hardware and software they can be applied in different ways to create unique experiences.

One of the new areas that VR headsets are getting used for are part of simulator solutions. Simulators are being built to cater for single person or group use with anything from simply showing a movie through to 4D fully immersive thrill rides. Our headsets have been used in these types of applications around the world in shopping centres, theme parks and other locations.

It has given business owners another way to attract people to their destination to improve visitation and linger times. For places like shopping centres, it can create completely different ways to attract people to come shopping instead of buying online so that tenants can remain in business.

Supported hardware implementations

At DPVR we are ready to fulfill any particular requirement. Our head mounted VR displays are designed for the highest level of performance and quality in mind. There are many different ways VR can be used in simulator hardware systems. We can help prepare applications from scratch or you could use your software integrated with our hardware.



Engineers, technicians and support personnel ready to guide you


The face sponges are easy to replace and clean to maximise hygiene levels.


We can customise the casing logo, system logo, user interface and language to suit any use.


We can facilitate fast fulfilment and operational logistics.


Our headsets are lightweight, easy to use but built to be durable and reliable for regular use.


Wired, wireless or single media modes creates easy content management solutions.

VR for different types of simulation systems


Simulation entertainment pods

In this example our VR headsets were used to create entertainment pods to create a fun experience for people visiting a shopping centre. The person could control what was happening in the game using the controllers on the seat.


Single person simulator rides with VR headsets

In this example there was a combination of sofware, VR headset and motion that was combined to create a completely new gaming experience where the rider feels the movement in a virtual environment.


Small group simulation rides

The Seasonal Group in the UK have developed a small group simulation ride that is themed and can be placed in a high traffic shopping area, theme park or other locations. They create their solution with options that include water spray or fans to create a 4D experience.


Large group VR simulators

The use of our VR headsets can be scaled to be used across larger group applications. Our hardware and software is flexible enough to be adapted to different situations quite easily.


Simulation training for equipment or vehicles using virtual reality software & headsets

Virtual reality headsets can be used for simulation training to learn how to operate equipment, drive a vehicle or fly an aircraft. The combination of software and hardware can give someone hands on experience prior to using expensive equipment in the field.

Virtual Reality Headsets
For Simulators

DPVR have designed a range of VR headsets that are suitable to be used for all types of purposes. Our product range has wireless and wired choices that can be adapted to suit any type of application for small or large groups of people.




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