DPVR reached strategic cooperation with FXG to launch more VR games

DPVR reached strategic cooperation with FXG, and 15 games are about to land on DPVR content library.

15 games to land on DPVR New Gaming VR Headsets from FXG​


DPVR lately announced a strategic cooperation with FXG VIDEO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY(FXG), which is a Chinese VR production studio. The two parties will rely on their technology and resource advantages to create a more convenient, richer, and free VR content ecosystem for users, and actively explore more cooperation models related to the “Metaverse”. According to the latest news, 15 games from FXG have been compatible with DPVR E4 Pegasus. 

It is reported that DPVR E4 Pegasus is a 6DoF gaming PCVR product, which adopts an inside-out positioning method. To reach a better user experience, DPVR made a great effort to optimize the setup process. Setup time was greatly reduced to 10 mins, allowing users to quickly enter the virtual world.

The definition of gaming VR headsets has released a positive signal to the majority of VR game lovers. DPVR has 7 years of VR technology accumulation, customizing professional VR headsets in any industry. It should have the ability to bring an amazing experience to gamers.

More about FXG

FXG VIDEO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD also known as FXG, was founded in 2017 as an international company focusing on VR content production and technological research and development. The FXG headquarters are located in Hangzhou, China, with branches in Beijing, and New York City. Its business includes VR video shooting and production, a live VR streaming solution, holographic display (Looking Glass), content creation, VR optical streaming camera sales, and rental. More than 20000 minutes of material have been produced, and over 80 works completed.

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Anshar Wars 2

The strategic cooperation between DPVR and FXG is around building game content ecology. The two parties signed a content cooperation agreement for 15 VR games, including bloody war themes games, such as “Reflex Unit 2” and “Anshar Wars 2”, as well as sports and leisure games, such as “Jigsaw 360”, “Audio Trip”, etc.

These games have all been selected for the Huawei Best VR Game List in 2021, and are highly praised by players in terms of game quality, operating experience, and playability.

At present, the 15 games have passed the technical tests.

Audio Trip

“This is win-win cooperation. The continuous exploration and cooperation of excellent VR hardware and high-quality VR content will bring new opportunities for VR to break through into the C-end consumer market.“

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