DPVR partners with ArborXR to offer remote management of Virtual Reality headsets

DPVR’s ‘P-Series’ standalone VR headsets can now have ArborXR’s software installed on them, enabling companies to manage a fleet of hundreds, even 1000’s of VR devices and remotely deploy XR content.

A new partnership between DPVR, ArborXR

Easily manage 1000's VR headsets with ArborXR software

One of the challenges that any business might face when deploying a fleet of virtual reality headsets within their organization is how can they be managed. One of the everyday issues is being able to easily deploy content updates to the devices, even when they are distributed in different locations.

DPVR has partnered with ArborXR to solve this problem.

The P-Series standalone VR headset can now have the ArborXR software installed on them. Using ArborXR’s software a company can easily manage a fleet of hundreds or thousands of devices with easy to use functionality that can remotely deploy and manag XR content. 

Why did we choose to partner with ArborXR?

ArborXR software is an industry-leading device management solution for VR and AR headsets. Their current clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies, universities, consulting firms and hundreds of independent software vendors using the platform in more than 50 countries. One notable customer is Axon, which boasts the largest 6DOF deployment in history which shares training content to police departments across North America. 


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By adding the functionality of ArborXR’s software to the P1 standalone VR headset it opens up so many possibilities given the customization possible on our headset. System integrators, software developers, training companies, or even government departments can specify our P1 hardware to include things like heart rate monitoring, 5G mobile connectivity, or even eye-tracking – it creates unlimited development potential that can then be easily managed with ArborXR’s software.

A health care provider could deploy standalone VR headsets across hundreds of clinics, a school could have multiple headsets in all their classrooms or an international construction company could have training materials dispersed around the world to their employees within minutes.

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“We built ArborXR by carefully listening to our customers and their challenges. We have dedicated ourselves to identifying and solving the primary challenges of scaling an XR fleet: managing devices, deploying content, and creating a focused user experience. We are working toward a future where XR is not a distraction but utilized as a tool to give back time to focus on purposeful work, strengthen relationships and enhance life. Also, We’re excited to work with DPVR to make it easier for organizations to manage headsets and scale their VR fleets.”

ArborXR is a great partner. Their software takes into account the problems that enterprises confront in real life. Cooperation with ArborXR will greatly help our enterprise customers improve work efficiency”

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