DPVR Releases E4C Targeting Arcades and Theme Parks

Shanghai, 19th Oct. 2023 - A Shanghai-based virtual reality (VR) headset manufacturer DPVR has revealed its latest addition to the arcade industry with the introduction of the E4C headset. The E4C is designed to empower arcade operators, enhancing affordability and profitability, while offering players an improved visual experience.

Key Features of DPVR E4C:

Clear and Smooth Visual: The E4C boasts a sharp 4K fast-LCD display that ensures every detail comes to life. With a 90Hz refresh rate, users can expect smooth interactions, minimizing motion sickness.

Expansive Field of View : The E4C offers a 116° field of view for immersive engagement, complemented by Fresnel lenses ensuring clarity and minimal distortion, maximizing visual quality.

Effortless Transition: Its 90° flip-up design enables seamless shifts between the virtual and real world. Integrated three-color indicators provide real-time device status

Optimized for Arcades:

Tailored for VR Theme Parks: E4C is specifically designed for VR theme parks, making it an ideal choice for VR rotation chairs, shooting and flight simulations, VR motorcycles, and racing games. It seamlessly integrates into various VR theme park solutions.

Cost-Effective Business Solution: Featuring a 3 DoF design, E4C provides chain arcades with a budget-friendly deployment option without compromising the immersive experience. Its 6-meter-long TPU cable, sourced from a top-tier supplier, ensures exceptional durability and reduces maintenance costs.

User-Friendly Adaptability: The headset caters to a broad audience with an adaptive IPD range of 53-73mm and head circumference specifications ranging from 53-66cm, suitable for users of all ages, including preschool children. To maintain hygiene and accommodate high-traffic usage, the E4C comes equipped with a replaceable facial interface, ensuring a comfortable and clean experience for every user.

Addressing the evolving needs of the arcade industry for improved visual experiences, we're excited to introduce the E4C. Building on our E3 series, which has faithfully served for 7 years, capturing 90% of the market and satisfying customers in over 100 countries, the E4C is designed to be a game-changer. We're dedicated to helping entertainment venue operators transform their businesses and boost the revenue.''

Seamless Connectivity and Compatibility:

Equipped with DP 1.2 connectivity, users can enjoy superior image quality. Furthermore, the E4C boasts full compatibility with the DPVR Assistant, simplifying the setup process and allowing users to seamlessly access their SteamVR and other game libraries without any hassle.

About DPVR

DPVR is a pioneering technology company based in Shanghai, specializing in the design and manufacturing of VR devices. With a diverse range of tethered and wireless VR headsets, DPVR caters to numerous industries, unlocking transformative solutions for education, training, simulation, and entertainment domains. As a steadfast partner to businesses and organizations, the company proudly provides fully customizable VR solutions, tailored to meet the dynamic immersive technology requirements of modern enterprises. DPVR’s VR devices are embraced in over 100 countries, attesting to the global impact of their cutting-edge offerings in both consumer and commercial markets.

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