DPVR Triumph: Tokyo Game Show 2023 Recap

Shanghai, China - 26th September, 2023 — DPVR, a leading innovator in virtual reality technology, recently returned from the highly acclaimed Tokyo Game Show 2023 (TGS). This global gaming spectacle united professionals and enthusiasts from Japan and around the world, featuring an impressive gathering of 787 companies and organizations from 44 countries. With a record-breaking attendance of 243,238 individuals, TGS 2023 provided a remarkable platform for DPVR to share the joy of VR with local consumers and strengthen connections within the XR community.

DPVR's Striking Presence at TGS:


At DPVR’s eye-catching booth, we sought to harmonize with the vibrant atmosphere of TGS. Our booth was adorned in a captivating peach-purple hue, ensuring it stood out in the bustling crowd. To transport visitors into real-life scenarios, we crafted five distinct settings: a Japanese-style room with tatami mat, cozy bedroom, living room, balcony, and study room, each infused with VR to recreate the comfort of home. Additionally, a dedicated area was set up to showcase our industry solutions tailored for enterprise customers. The “Bed and VR” setup particularly captured attention and garnered coverage by local media.


Showcasing the Leading-Edge Products:


Our star product, the E4 headset, took center stage in the VR Area. Visitors were astounded by its lightweight and comfortable design, making it the standout choice at the show. Eager customers queued up for an immersive experience with Beat Saber and VRChat on the E4, which delivered smooth performance throughout the event. Many game studios expressed interest in collaborating, and the company will support them with E4’s refined tracking and enhanced compatibility.

Fascinatingly, a glasses-like wearable tech prototype was unveiled at the show, designed for office scenarios as suggested by attendees’ feedback, meeting the diverse needs of consumers.

In addition to our consumer devices, we proudly introduced the newly released P2 offline for the first time. We were honored to have our long-term partner, Vivid Vision, and its Asian president, Sunao Miyoshi, join us. Together, we anticipate exploring new avenues to assist children dealing with lazy eyes. The combination of Vivid Vision’s treatment program and the P2 headset promises to continue positively impacting the lives of patients.

Nurtured by Our Supportive Partners:


The achievement of our presence at TGS would not have been possible without the invaluable support of our partners. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our local distributor, Aiuto Corporation, Lab Corporation, tech expert Hikaru Northland, and VRChat celebrity 芳井はじめ, who accompanied us on this incredible journey. This past week has truly been remarkable, and we remain dedicated to delivering cutting-edge VR solutions to both consumers and enterprises. We pledge to redouble our efforts to better serve our local customers.

DPVR extends its deepest gratitude to all the visitors, partners, clients, and media who contributed to our progress at Tokyo Game Show 2023. Your support and attention inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries.

About DPVR

DPVR is a pioneering technology company based in Shanghai, specializing in the design and manufacturing of VR devices. With a diverse range of tethered and wireless VR headsets, DPVR caters to numerous industries, unlocking transformative solutions for education, training, simulation, and entertainment domains. As a steadfast partner to businesses and organizations, the company proudly provides fully customizable VR solutions, tailored to meet the dynamic immersive technology requirements of modern enterprises. DPVR’s VR devices are embraced in over 100 countries, attesting to the global impact of their cutting-edge offerings in both consumer and commercial markets.

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