Hardcore VR game “ZOMDAY” is coming! DPVR teamed up with INTOGAMES to build game eco

Hardcore VR game "ZOMDAY" is coming! The DPVR custom version of "ZOMDAY" will soon be available on DPVR assistant, will provide players with the most hardcore VR shooting gaming experience.

What does it feel like to be surrounded by 100 zombies?


Although such scenes will make people’s adrenaline flow while viewing movies and dramas, they will be considerably less than the identical scenarios in the VR environment, which will shock their senses.

“ZOMDAY,” a zombie VR shooting game that just took a week to reach the first Steam hot list and ruled the platform best-seller list for two years, is unquestionably a hardcore strength masterpiece.

DPVR and INTOGAMES , the custom version of "ZOMDAY"


Recently, DPVR officially confirmed that it will carry out strategic cooperation with INTOGAMES, the developer of ZOMDAY game, for game content, based on the game performance of DPVR’s new 2022 VR products, the DPVR assistant content ecosystem, and the advantages of INTOGAMES in game content development, to create a one-stop, ultra-exclusive gaming experience for users.

The DPVR custom version of “ZOMDAY” will soon be available on DPVR assistant, new products and explosive strong collaboration will provide players with the most hardcore VR shooting gaming experience.

The Game: ZOMDAY


The story of “ZOMDAY” takes place in the future year 2036. The human world is engulfed in a major epidemic of zombie crises as a result of banned human experimentation. The Special Event Institute was founded by a group of good individuals. They would undertake the noble task of protecting survivors and saving the human world on the battlefields throughout the world, fighting zombie monsters.

The setting is amazing, and the gameplay is quite creative. With gorgeously evocative and realistic enough settings, a fast-paced shooting experience, and a range of difficulties and online modes of play, “ZOMDAY” surpasses many comparable games in terms of playability, and many gamers at home and abroad have become hooked with it.

Two-player online play, as well as four-player online play, are now under development, with the goal of taking VR games out of the “lonely brave” mode by including strategic formation, PK, game socialization, and other features to raise the appeal of VR games to new heights.

DPVR’s upcoming hardware performance is highly compatible with ZOMDAY’s game settings: 6DoF positioning, Inside-out positioning, large field of view, high-definition screen, and accurate tracking. According to the new product’s “born for the game” feature, the “customized” version of “ZOMDAY” is worth playing.

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