DPVR Partners with MOONSEER GAMES, Creating a Superb Sci-Fi FPS Gaming Experience in “WANDERING IN SPACE”

DPVR Partners with MOONSEER GAMES, Creating a Superb Sci-Fi FPS Gaming Experience in "WANDERING IN SPACE"

DPVR and MOONSEER partner to bring new FPS shooting game

As VR tech develops, virtual reality hardware and games can stimulate a more realistic environment and manipulate controllers more naturally. FPS shooting games, in particular, benefits a lot from technological advances.DPVR’s new gaming VR headset, which will be launched in July, also follows the trend of giving gamers extra possibilities and surprises in the gaming experience.

Lately, DPVR announced that it has collaborated with MOONSEER GAMES, a Chinese VR game studio, to produce an immersive full-level sci-fi FPS game experience that will lead players into the future.

On the two partners

DPVR and MOONSEER GAMES were both founded in 2015. With products including the DPOS software system, DPVR Assistant content distribution platform, P series standalone VR headset, and E series PCVR headset, DPVR has focused on VR products and technology development. The coming release of the new 6DoF product will also be a great stroke in creating metaverse infrastructure.

MOONSEER GAMES VR is at the forefront of VR gaming, application development, and device design. Its wearable peripherals – VR bodysuits, vertical sector VR training applications such as firefighting training systems, and space science applications – are of considerable interest to the industry.


The “WANDERING IN SPACE,” which was released in June, is a science fiction FPS game created by the MOONSEER GAMES VR team over two years. Its basic gameplay combines the advantages of the numerous competitors on the market. In the cosmic space station scene, players will take on the role of “amnesiac special soldier” from a first-person perspective, embarking on the bloodthirsty road’s growth, struggle, and adventure.


The “Chinese style” was skilfully blended into the game story and scene presentation. As in a virtual reality movie, 4K HD resolution ensures that every frame in front of the player’s eyes is gorgeous and startling.


The particular gameplay of “WANDERING IN SPACE,” involves wearing the MOONSEER GAMES’s customized VR bodysuits to recreate the experience of the character’s physical state in the game, such as flame burns shooting, pressure, and so on, is even more anticipated.


The whole game immersion will be tenfold increased thanks to realistic visual effects, seamless operation of the physical inspection, and then linked to the simulation of the body touch.


And all of this will be perfectly presented in DPVR’s upcoming VR products!

Excellent virtual reality gear may improve the gaming experience, while high-quality virtual reality games can help drive hardware development. The active cooperation between DPVR and MOONSEER GAMES is based on such a consensus, and both parties plan to gather the strengths of each company to carry out long-term, in-depth cooperation and jointly build a “Metaverse” game ecology with “excellent reputation & experience”.

The upcoming new product of DPVR is being technically adapted with the new VR game “WANDERING IN SPACE”. Engineers from both sides will work together to optimize the configuration of the game’s graphics, sound, positioning, and operation effects.

The MOONSEER GAMES VR bodysuits will also be included in the strategic cooperation plan, prioritizing the technical adaptation with the DPVR hardware and the DPVR assistant. The in-depth combination of hardware + content customization will surely bring unparalleled immersion experience for VR FPS game lovers.


DPVR and MOONSEER GAMES will collaborate on further hardware and content collaborations in the future. As the VR consumer market expands, we’ll rely on high quality VR products and games to fuel the “metaverse” industry’s long-term growth.

For more information on DPVR and its virtual reality hardware and software solutions, please visit the company’s website.

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