How Ralph & Russo used virtual reality for their fashion collection show

Ralph & Russo used DPVR virtual reality headsets to broadcast their Summer 2021 Ready-To-Wear collection show, entitled “LA FUTURA" around the world

Virtual reality used
for fashion shows


The world-famous clothing designer Ralph & Russo used DPVR virtual reality headsets to broadcast their Summer 2021 clothing collection around the world. The British Fashion Council merged the menswear and womenswear events into a single week of digital fashion shows to deal with local pandemic conditions at the time.

This meant brands were quickly thinking of ways they could enhance the visual experience for people who would be thousands of km’s away in other countries. Ralph & Russo partnered with PhotonLens to come up with a virtual reality solution that used DPVR VR headset hardware.

They also attracted the attention of many celebrities. Bingbing Fan, a well known Chinese actress enjoyed the event.

“Seeing our VR headsets being used to showcase the latest in fashion and clothing was incredible. It was an amazing journey to see progressive global brands come up with innovative ways to use virtual reality that had not been thought of before.

I am so glad to see how well the DPVR team worked to customise our hardware to suit the application.

Virtual reality behind the scenes content for product launches

National Film Award winning Indian actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja also loved the unique experience.

PhotonLens served as the virtual and augmented reality media partner for Ralph & Russo’s Spring – Summer 2021 Ready-To-Wear Collection Show, entitled “LA FUTURA.”

PhotonLens filmed the product launch collection event in virtual reality. This created hours of immersive VR content for viewers from the event and gave the brand lots of materials to use for ongoing engagement. The content creation was complimented with bespoke VR headset hardware for Ralph & Russo to give to their clients.


“With the pandemic disrupting so many of the gatherings that anchor our personal and professional lives, we have to use every tool we have to create interesting ways for brands and people to connect with each other.”

“PhotonLens is pleased to support Ralph & Russo in creating unforgettable virtual experiences so the world can see everything that Ralph & Russo has to offer.”

What VR hardware did the brand use?

To give people the best user experience possible the DPVR P1 Pro 4K virtual reality headset was used. This is our IF Design Award winning flagship headset that delivers incredible 4K high resolution viewing.

The P1 Pro 4K is a wireless virtual reality headset that only weighs around 300 grams, so it is comfortable, light & easy to use while moving around freely.

With its adjustable headband and suitable use with glasses it can accommodate people who have all types of head or face shapes or sizes.


Customised virtual reality headset hardware and software

The DPVR team worked very closesly with Photon Lens to customise our virtual reality headset hardware and software interface to suit this application.

Our team was able to do things like print the brand name on the faceplates, make changes to the menu visuals, create a bespoke user interface & even help design individual packaging.

It ensures that an agency, brand or supplier can present the VR headset as it requires to suit the brand execution.

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