New DPVR educational VR hardware partnership with XRGlobal

A strategic partnership with XRGlobal, a South African educational software producer, as their supplier of customized VR hardware

Wireless virtual reality headsets used for education in South Africa


"Our products have been widely used around the world by leading brands in many different industry sectors to provide a range of solutions in K12 & STEM education, enterprise training, simulation seats and medical scenarios. We are extremely proud to build a strategic partnership with team XRGlobal in South Africa to distribute VR solutions and bring more education and training possibilities to the magic land in 2022"

"Our partnership with DPVR enables us at XRGlobal to focus on the educational content while being confident of the hardware that will allow our customers to take full advantage of all that VR brings to the training space. We are thrilled to kick off and grow our engagement with DPVR.”

DPVR now has a strategic partnership with XRGlobal, a South African educational software producer. In terms of the agreement, DPVR will serve as XRGlobal’s supplier to provide it with customized VR hardware and offer after-sales service for its hardware.

XRGlobal is revolutionising training through the use of immersive VR, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) learning and development platforms that are proven to dramatically increase knowledge retention. The use of VR and AR in training boosts engagement and knowledge retention and enables organisations to enforce consistent, measurable standards at scale. The technology also provides a way to train employees where it is not always practical – or safe – to do so in the real world and at scale, VR can be half the cost of traditional classroom training. One of their services is the XRG Educate is a VR Learning Management System which hosts VR & AR course content using Google Cloud and their custom delivery applications. It means you can access VR content either in online or offline scenarios. They even use Addie Methodology for evaluation for all our courses & provide a reporting engine to analyze participant scores to measure success & the impact of training. 

This type of software implementation combined with DPVR’s customisable VR headset hardware create a unique solution. DPVR is a company that focuses on the application of VR technology in business, medical and enterprise industries. It possesses an entire product development process and manufacturing. We have an established its distribution channels in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, and 20+ other countries which enables us to thousands of companies to introduce VR into their operations. 

For this partnership DPVR will provide XRGlobal with its leading VR wireless headset models including the new P1 Pro and P1 Ultra 4K. These were released in July 2021 and with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor it not only ensures various applications run smoothly, but is a cost effective solution for business or enterprise virtual reality applications.

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