Veative shows off DPVR headsets at GESS Dubai 2020

Veative demonstrated their range of VR software technology solutions at GESS Dubai 2020 using DPVR headsets.

Virtual reality for education, training and enterprise


Veative showcased their range of VR software solutions at the GESS Dubai 2020 exhibition. It is an event that has over 500 educational suppliers from 40 countries showcasing the very latest and most innovative educational products and solutions. What makes this event so important for companies like DPVR is that it is supported by every country including the UK, USA, China, Korea, Finland, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, India, Singapore and Taiwan.

It is amazing to see some of the partnerships we have built up over the years. Veative continue to innovate in their uses of VR in so many different industries.

Veative uses DPVR headsets and we help them brand our hardware so they can present a branded solution to clients.

Veative uses DPVR Headsets


Veative develops immersive technology solutions that have an incredible ability to educate, train, and solve real-world problems. This augments the performance of individuals and improves their grasp of technically-challenging concepts, enabling them to work better, smarter and safer.

Their virtual reality technology is used by educational institutions, corporate enterprises and companies to train and educate people. This includes helping people learn about new topics like body parts or even for OH&S training for airline staff.

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