Seasonal Group uses DPVR headsets for virtual reality simulator rides

DPVR virtual reality headsets were used by The Seasonal Group to create amazing simulator rides for use in shopping centers.

Virtual reality simulation ride for shopping centres

The Seasonal Group is based in the UK and uses the DPVR P1 Pro VR headset to create their incredible virtual reality simulator rides that can be set up in shopping centres, theme parks or major tourist destinations. Using the latest vr headset technology the simulation ride can seat up to 88 people and os a virtual reality experience that is perfect for families that can be used to draw traffic all year round.

VR headsets used in shopping centre experiences

The visually appealing display can be fully themed and resembles a jungle boat house and once you put on the virtual reality headset you feel like you are floating along a river. The seats have motion and there is surround sound and even fans to blow fresh air to create a unique 4D experience using vr headsets. Each person gets tilted forwards, backwards and side to side with the boat’s movements specially designed to mirror those of the full 360 degree experience.

What is included in a typical virtual reality ride?

For this virtual reality ride it can seats up to 8 people at a time and they go through the ride journey using the VR headsets with the seating tilts forwards, backwards and side to side whilst fans create a wind effect giving the ride a full 4D effect. The entire ride includes the following:

  • Metal chassis, seats & movement mechanisms
  • Red / gold sleigh fibreglass panels for front and sides
  • 2 x sets of side steps (one for each side)
  • Seating for up to 8 people
  • 8 x HD VR Sets with kiosk mode for easy set up
  • Test Flight VR 3 minute video
  • Free standing charging unit
  • Control unit for electronics and sound proof area for compressor
  • Low noise compressor
  • 55” HD LED TV with stand
  • Surround sound speakers with sub-woofer
  • 2 x front fans for 4D effect

How VR headsets can improve shopper engagement

On the surface this looks like a heap of fun and simply an enjoyable experience. Although the use of DPVR virtual reality headsets together with The Seasonal Group’s incredible simulator building expertise can provide shopping center managers fresh ideas that can improve shopper engagement.

With millions of shopping centres around the world and the growth of online buying it becomes important for any retailer, tourist destination or theme park to continually innovate and create new experiences for visitors. A virtual reality simulation ride can help achieve this with an experience that lasts up to 5 minutes while also being a visually impactful statement piece for any high traffic pedestrian area.

Other revenue generating opportunities can be created through selling places on the ride, intro or exit advertising on the vr experience, signage on the display or other ideas that can be crafted to be suitable for each location.

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