VR hardware customisation for corporate & enterprise use

DPVR can customise our range of wired or wireless VR headsets to use specific corporate or enterprise applications.

VR headsets suitable for use in the workplace or events

One of the unique aspects of DPVR’s capabilities is the choice for procurement teams to purchase bulk quantities of our VR headsets to be used in the workplace. Our P1 and E3 headsets are used by various companies around the world in public use situations for training, medical & other purposes. In each situation we have worked closely with a local system integrator, software provider or the company directly to customise specific aspects of the hardware specification, the wearable areas of a device or the software interface. It gives a company practically total control over the way a VR headset is packaged & presented to users.

Hardware customisation

For the hardware we can customise things like;

  • Front panel
  • 3Dof Controller
  • Adaptor
  • HMD Case Sticker
  • Manuals
  • The Warranty provided

Additional headset modules

For selected models it is possible to add modules to broaden the functionality of the device such as;

  • Heart rate monitor
  • BCI module
  • Leap motion module
  • Eye Tracking
and others

Software & content

Our team can update the user interface for the headset to adjust the ‘first use’ introduction screens, the launcher home page or even pre-load specific content so that it is ready for use. We are able to do this across hundreds of units to help with mass deployment.

Packaging and branding

To finish off the execution our team can customise the packaging including the manuals. The outer box can be branded to compliment the hardware with supporting paperwork to look & feel all the same.

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