Beenoculus virtual reality strategic partnership with DPVR

Beenoculus is a leading XR solution provider in Brazil creating innovative ways of using VR for businesses in education, healthcare, engineering, industry, culture and entertainment

DPVR announces a new VR partnership with Beenoculus

DPVR has a strong focus on selling and supporting innovative XR focussed businesses with our range of wired or wireless VR headsets. To continue our focus on developing opportunities in the enterprise space we have reached a strategic agreement with the award winning team at Beenoculus


Our focus on specialised virtual reality (VR) device design and manufacturing will complement Beenoculus’ ability to deliver customised solutions in Latin America using VR headsets. Beenoculous will take charge of sales, distribution and after-sales support on behalf of DPVR. Beenoculous already boasts clients such as Cisco, Intel, Honda and other global brands who have embraced the use of XR within their business.


In our opinion, the VR hardware markets in Brazil are very exciting and we are extremely proud to build an association with a leading XR enterprise provider like Beenoculus. This strategic partnership is the next phase in our growth strategy, which continues our evolution in this sector."

DPVR VR headsets available in Brazil

Since we were founded in 2014, DPVR’s focus has been to create affordable wired or wireless VR headsets for enterprise use. 

Most recently we launched our P1 Ultra Pro 4K wireless headset which is a new generation headset that uses a modular design.  This is a wireless VR headset that can have different options added like eye tracking, hand tracking, brain-computer interface, and other functions to meet the specific needs of each application.

This ability to customise the specification of a headset creates a very flexible platform for integrators to work with so that the product can be used for different situations. Beenoculus is one of Brazil’s most extensive VR software and hardware service providers with two subsidiary companies, Beetools and JungleBee, that will offer DPVR headsets as part of their packaged solutions.


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