P1 VR headset used by Class V in Korea for virtual classrooms

Class V in Korea uses the P1 Wireless VR Headset to deliver their virtual classroom virtual reality service.

Virtual reality headsets
for virtual classrooms


Customised packaging
can be completely
branded to create
an OEM look and
feel for any company



Customised menu
interface can be
created to suit
any application


Front panel

Customised faceplate
to suit a colour or



Hardware can be
upgraded with
optional modules


The very clever Korean company Class V has created a virtual classroom system that uses virtual reality technology to enhance engagement and interaction. There are so many students around the world that are forced to study from home and this can impact their ability to learn effectively.

No doubt you have also seen some of the funny videos on TikTok or YouTube with all the tricks and hacks students are using to make it ‘look’ like they are paying attention to standard video calls, like using fake eye lids or static repeating profile videos. 

By creating a virtual classroom environment teachers and students can interact freely, very similar to a normal learning environment. The idea behind this type of use for virtual reality is a simple one that mimics real environments. The way it works is quite simple with the centre of the screen becoming the teacher’s blackboard, showing presentations that the teacher uploads for the particular subject or class. Students can then interact, ask questions and be part of the group learning environment with Class V’s platform.

Class V selected the DPVR P1 Wireless virtual reality headset as their choice of VR hardware to use with their system. We worked very closely with Class V to customise the solution to suit their needs;

  1. Customised packaging

  2. Customised menu interface

  3. Logo printed on the front panel
Using a wireless VR headset also meant that this became very easy to be deployed. The schools didn’t have to worry about whether the student had the right computer hardware – instead, the wireless P1 headset handles everything, they just put it on and start using it with the freedom to move to another room, outside or even use it in a study room.


The P1 is designed for comfortable long term use & with up to 4 hours battery life it will last longer than most classroom sessions.

Customisable virtual reality headset hardware

DPVR has the ability to create custom made VR headsets that have specific hardware features built in. The P1 Ultra 4K is one of our most powerful headsets available and can be specified with things like heart rate monitor, iris recognition, facial expressions and more.

This means we can work closely with any VR service provided to create a custom made solution for your specific virtual reality application.

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