3dbutfly chooses DPVR P1 Ultra VR headsets for their classrooms

3dbutfly use our most powerful VR headset the P1 Ultra 4K for their classrooms to help students enhance their learning

Virtual reality for learning & education


"VR devices, as the entrance to the metaverse, will usher in a period of rapid development, as many giant companies successively joined the industry. AR/VR/XR has left us a huge imagination room in the form of terminal products, software, content, and applications in the next 10 years.

According to the IDC's 2021 overview report of China and the global AR/VR market, it can be seen that an increasing number of projects are using VR to improve their user experience, especially in the education field.

VR solution system is getting indispensable in our daily life. To build a positive, beneficial metaverse, we believe that technology is the basis, hardware product is the vital carrier, and VR content is the key to popularity.

We are glad to reach the agreement with 3dbutfly, helping them explore the market and promoting VR education development together."

"As a content provider, we know that only professional and high-quality learning content integrated with excellent VR hardware can truly help students learn efficiently.

DPVR and we both agree on this.

So we reached deep cooperation, not just for hardware customization. In the following years, we'll preferentially adapt our application to DPVR's VR products."


DPVR has begun a new partnership & deep cooperation with another company that focusses on using VR for education. h 3dbutfly  is a company focusing on the education sector and they have many years of experience accumulated over many years teaching students. They have decided to partner with DPVR so that the combined capabilities of high performance virtual reality hardware can be used for 3dbutfly’s latest VR educational content.



3dbutfly was founded in 2016 and today has hundreds of staff where they are focussed on using the latest 5G, VR, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to teach K12 education. They deliver  Contextualized Teaching, Artificial Intelligence Programming, STEM & even health education. 



They have 3 core areas of focus;

  • VR education products for primary and secondary schools
  • Virtual reality simulation laboratory systems in colleges and universities (technical training, professional training, simulation laboratory)
  • Industrial solutions. 
They have run more than 1,200 projects across various schools and organisations in China over the years. For our first project together we will help 3dbutfly create programming courses and safety education for primary and secondary school students. The courses will provide qualifications from the government to be used in school teaching. Students will learn under the guidance of textbooks and teachers. 

3dbutfly chose our P1 Ultra 4K as their virtual reality headset of choice because it is one of the most powerful wireless VR headsets for sale. It uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that delivers stable operation of content interactivity & together with the 4K screen it will give students a crystal clear viewing experience for videos or other visual imagery.

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