The Era of Virtual Human “Creation For All” Has Come: DPVR and DeepMotion Announce Partnership

The Era of Virtual Human "Creation For All" Has Come: DPVR and DeepMotion Announce Partnership

The "Metaverse" is getting more and more lively!

The first virtual bass player, Miya, went online with big success. The “Dunhuang Fairy” Tianyu has over one million fans on a single platform. Leon became the Chief Metaverse Officer of Publicis Groupe. Xiao Yang, Shi Xiaoni and Gu Xiaoyu joined the radio and television media one after another to help with digital communication and promotion.

From virtual idols, virtual anchors to digital employees, more and more virtual humans are born from the “metaverse”, breaking the barriers between reality and virtuality, bringing new vitality and new opportunities to all walks of life.

As stated in the “2022 Virtual Human Industry Research Report” by Sutu Metaverse Research Institute, the virtual human industry has now shown a form of penetration from entertainment to tooling and infrastructure. At the same time, the report boldly predicts that, as an important medium for human beings to enter the “metaverse”, the overall market size of virtual humans may reach $309.5 billion CNY in 2030.

With the continuous improvement of the “metaverse” infrastructure, XR equipment is more popular in the consumer market and interactive applications, and the landing application of the virtual human industry will further cover all aspects of people’s lives. In the era of “metaverse” where humans, the virtual world, and real world truly merge, each of us can create and have our own virtual avatar.

Facing the broad market and high-frequency demand, the “metaverse” integrates upstream and downstream industries across fields, accelerates the process of industry standardization and intelligence, and realizes “technology up, cost down”, which will be the key to unlocking the $100 billion virtual human market. The introduction of higher quality VR products and more advanced AI technology into the virtual human industry will surely accelerate the expansion and development of the industry and promote the standardization and upgrading of virtual human creation and application.

Learn More About DPVR & DeepMotion Partnership

Under the consensus of the technology empowerment industry, DPVR, which focuses on VR headsets, announced a close partnership with DeepMotion, which focuses on emerging sports intelligence solutions. The two parties will continue to explore products and technologies and have multiple offerings in the field of virtual digital humans. Through virtual reality, AI-driven and intelligent 3D modeling technology, they will provide users with a unique experience of intelligent creation and sharing of virtual digital humans.

As a “metaverse” infrastructure pioneer, DPVR has always kept pace with the development of the global VR industry and maintained rapid updates in core technology and product innovation. DPVR will soon launch a brand-new generation of 6 DoF gaming headsets based on machine vision technology, which will empower users in terms of game entertainment, interactive experiences, and wearing comfort.

As a pioneer in motion intelligence, DeepMotion has used their expertise in physical simulation, computer vision, and machine learning to drive their advanced AI-driven markerless motion capture and real-time 3D body tracking technology. Accessibility to digital motion bridges the gap between physical movements so that virtual characters can quickly “learn and copy” real-life humans’ actions.

DeepMotion's Motion Intelligence Solution

Perceptive Motion Brain

With DeepMotion’s motion intelligence solution, Perceptive Motion Brain, creators can quickly and easily create 3D animations for virtual characters. AI motion capture enables anyone to create animation from a single video, removing the need for expensive suits, hardware, or studio space. With motion capture accessible from anywhere, it can significantly reduce production time. The cloud service called Animate 3D ( is full-body motion capture, including hand and face tracking, available through any browser and will convert 2D videos into 3D animated models for driving virtual digital humans.

Markerless motion capture provides a more flexible and convenient creation experience for animation studios and individual creators while reducing costs for venues, actors, and animation production.

Generative Motion Brain

Another motion intelligence solution, Generative Motion Brain, provides support for virtual humans to generate actions autonomously. The technology first analyzes the skeleton and muscle structure of the human body through a computer, then designs the corresponding kinematic joints for the virtual character. From there, the AI realizes the similar structure of the virtual image to the real action through the self-developed physical simulation algorithm. In the process of accumulating real movement data, the avatar constantly imitates the movements of human beings, and finally forms autonomous movement ability.

Nowadays, DeepMotion’s motion intelligence solutions have been successfully applied in many fields, such as creating virtual avatars for consumers, helping enterprise customers create virtual customer service, participating in in-game animation production, and much more.

The partnership between DPVR and DeepMotion is of great significance in promoting the creation of virtual human animation, diversifying application forms, accelerating the layout of the “metaverse + virtual human” track, and enriching the related industry chain. Under the rhythm of DPVR’s new gaming product launching into the global consumer market, the new social interaction, new consumption, and new culture of the metaverse with virtual digital humans will grow dramatically.

These two high-tech organizations will reinforce the pre-research and development of the “metaverse” core technology, continue to expand the digital XR application scenarios, and jointly build a new “metaverse” ecosystem of intelligent intercommunication and integration of the virtual and real.

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